Kushmanda Temple, Ghatampur

Kushmanda Aarti no-watermark

Kushmanda Aarti no-watermark

Shri Kushmanda Devi is one of the NavaDurga, and her popular temple is situated in Ghatampur, Uttar Pradesh, and it is known as “SHRI KUSHMANDA DEVI MANDIR”.Lot of devotees would assemble in this temple, on Tuesdays and Fridays, and especially during the Navaratri festival days. This temple is believed to have been built by an ancient king, who was an ardent devotee of Ma Durga.

As per legend, once the king had got the darshan of a young girl, and on seeing the divine girl, he fell down at her feet, and worshipped her. The girl transformed herself in the form of Devi Durga, and asked the king to build a temple for her at the present place of the temple. Immediately the king constructed the temple, and also introduced pujas in the temple.

Ancient people in the nearby villages of Uttar Pradesh would visit this holy temple during Navaratri days along with their family by the way of walk. Some middle class and wealthy people used to visit this temple through horse and bullock carts. As per legend, it is also believed that the divine apsaras in the heaven would visit this place during the Navaratri festivals days in an invisible form, and would dance in front of the shrine of Ma Kushmanda, in order to please her. This temple is also visited by many saints and sages, and they had offered their worship to the divine mother Kushmanda. Just by seeing the face of Ma Kushmanda for a few seconds, all of our worries would fly away from us, and we would get great spiritual energy.

Kushmanda is an aspect of Devi Durga, who had created the entire universe through her lovely smile. Kushmanda is grandly worshiped on the Navaratri festival day, and she gives good health, wealth, name and fame to us. Ma Kushmanda has eight hands, in one hand, she blesses her devotees, and in other hands, she holds various weapons,and through her extraordinary powers she is protecting the entire universe

A white pumpkin would be offered to her in the temple, during the Navaratri festival day, along with other fruits and sweets. The vehicle of the holy mother is a divine lion.


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