Nadiyamman Temple, Pattukottai, Thanjavur

There is a famous temple for Ma Nadiyamman and it is located at Pattukottai. Since people seek (Nadi) this Divine mother, from faraway places, this Amman is popularly called as Nadiamman. Few months, ago, consecration ceremony was performed at this temple in presence of large number of Amman devotees. Lemon garlands can be presented to this Amman during Tuesdays and Fridays, in order to get fruitful results in our life.

Though this Amman is worshipped by Pattukottai village people as their Kula Devata and as their IshtaDevata, everyone in this world can worship her, since this Amman is considered to be the sister of Ma Shakti Devi, and hence, she contains the divine features of Ma Shakti Devi. Those who watch the merciful eyes of the divine mother Nadiyamman would easily come out from this illusory world, and they would be interested to taste the sweetness of spirituality. Presenting a Sari and adorning flower and golden ornaments is considered as a sacred deed, and devotees can please the holy mother, based on their financial status.

Aadi month Annual Utsavam and Vijayadasami festival is being grandly celebrated at this temple, and during that time, we can see people belonging to all classes, poor and rich, politicians as well as big spiritual personalities. As per ancient legend, a small boy used to gather firewood inside the forest, for his livelihood. Once while he was cutting a tree, he heard a divine voice from the sky, and it said, “Hey boy, after cutting this tree, with someone’s help, deeply dig it, and after doing that, you could see an idol, and relieve the idol from the pit, build a small temple for me, and worship”.

The boy immediately ran away from the place, and informed about the strange incident to the local villagers. Then with their help, the wonderful idol of Amman was brought out from the pit, placed in a suitable place, and a small shrine for the Amman was also constructed, and they have named the Amman as “NADIYAMMAN”, and in course of time, with the help of the devotes, the temple was expanded into big size, and rich landlords and royal people were contributed wealth to this temple.

There are thousands and thousands of Amman Temples scattered across India, and out of that, our holy Nadiyamman is considered to be a very powerful deity, and by worshipping her, we would surely come out from our worries, tensions and illness.

Hence let us visit this famous Nadiyamman as per our convenience in order to get the blessings of the holy mother.


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