Mundan dates in 2021 | First Haircut for Baby | Chudakarana Ceremony | Kesha Kandana Muhurat 2021

Mundan ceremony is one of the Shodasha Sanskar (Solah Sanskar – 16 Vedic sanskars) in Hinduism. It is the eighth Hindu ritual of 16 Sanskara.

As per the ‘Grhya Sutras’ Mundana ceremony should take place at the end of the first year of before the end of third year. If missed, baby’s first haircut should be done in seventh year.

Nowadays, most of the Hindus performing Kesha Kandana or Chudakarana sanskar during child’s 1st, 3rd, 5th or 7th years. The even years like 2nd, 4th or 6th years should be avoided for Keshakhandana ceremony.

Apart from these common Panchanga shuddi checks, the general astrological quality based on the horoscope for the moment is also analysed. Also, the factors such as Solar and Lunar eclipses, Sankranti and Sandhyakalam  are  considered during the Muhurtha search.

There are variations in regional practices for selecting Muhurta for Tonsure. You are advised to take these factors also into consideration while selecting a Muhurtha from the list of time slots provided by Hindupad.

It is advisable to conduct Tonsure Ceremony in the 3rd or 5th years of birth.

The list of auspicious dates, days and muhurats for Mundan in 2021

Mundan Muhurat in January 2021 | मुंडन मुहूर्त जनुअरी २०२१

इस माह गुरु अस्त और शुक्र अस्त होने के कारण मुंडन के शास्त्रोक्त मुहूर्तों का अभाव है |

Mundan Muhurat in February 2021 | मुंडन मुहूर्त फरवरी २०२१

इस माह गुरु अस्त और शुक्र अस्त होने के कारण मुंडन के शास्त्रोक्त मुहूर्तों का अभाव है |

Mundan Muhurat in August 2021 | मुंडन मुहूर्त अगस्त २०२१

इस माह मुंडन के शास्त्रोक्त मुहूर्तों का अभाव है |

Mundan Muhurat in September 2021 | मुंडन मुहूर्त सितम्बर २०२१

इस माह मुंडन के शास्त्रोक्त मुहूर्तों का अभाव है |

Mundan Muhurat in October 2021 | मुंडन मुहूर्त अक्टूबर २०२१

इस माह मुंडन के शास्त्रोक्त मुहूर्तों का अभाव है |

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  1. S K Mishra says:

    Is there any tradition of mundan ceremony at Brundabana

  2. Arumugaraja says:

    My daughter was born on April 12,2017 at 6.30 am(swathi star)please suggest an auspicious date in the month of November 2017 for mundan ceremony

  3. shreyansh says:

    my son date of birth is 20 may 2015 at 11.15am. when is the best time to conduct his mundan ceremony.

  4. राजेश मिश्रा says:

    मेरे नाती की जन्म तिथि 8 फरवरी सन् 2015
    जन्म का समय -1: 26 दोपहर
    स्थान-कानपुर नगर
    कृपया नवम्बर में मुण्डन का शुभाशुभ मुहुर्त बताने का कष्ट करें, महान दया होगी।
    बुलाने का नाम-सूरज अवस्थी
    माता व पिता-नेहा व विकास अवस्थी

  5. Jagannath jha says:

    Mujhe 13nov2017 ko new mini truck kharidna hi kya ye di subh din hi…
    Pls batayen.

  6. Sonu says:

    I want to do mundan of my baby girl on 13 /12/17 she is born on 14/12/2017 timing is 10:36am is it good

  7. Atul gaur says:

    I want to do mundan of my son dob 24/11/2015 time arround 12 noon on dt 10/01/2018 .is it good pl tell us

  8. Siri says:

    can we do mundan cermony in december17?

  9. Sonia says:

    Is 19th March 2018 good for mundan of my daughter she took birth on 5th April 2017

  10. Palak modi says:

    27th July 2018 his running in 3year in this year we want to his first haircut so best muhurat we want

  11. Saudamini pujahari says:

    Best day of mundane for agirl child in may2018.

  12. tina says:

    my babygirl is born on 7th oct 2017.can i do her first mundan on april 30 2018

  13. Ramesh says:

    we are planning to do July 9th 2018 i.e (Monday) mundan for my daughter. Can you please suggestive that date is correct or not.She borened on Thrusday (24/08/2017).


  14. Dulorabha konwar Das says:

    My beta born on 6th January 2017 at time7.50 pm please suggest me a date in this month for his mundan

  15. Srikanth says:

    Pleas tell me the good day and muhurtam in August 2018 for my baby boy first hair cut who was born on 11th Oct 2017 at 7.49 AM

  16. Nitin says:

    Mundan for baby boy born 3 feb 2018 time for born 01:05 pm

  17. Sanjib says:

    My Son DOB is on 23-Apr-2016. Could you please tell me the mundan date in 2018. Is it ok to do mundan during 2.5+ yrs

  18. Kumaresan C says:

    What is the auspicious day for my grand son for first Mundane ceremony ,he born on 04_01_2016 pl,kindly convey, Thanks.

  19. Subhra pradhan says:

    Auspicious day 23 September mundan for girl child is possible

  20. nanda kishore says:

    my son was completed two years and one moth shall i hair cut now on october

  21. Shailendra says:

    What are the date’ after August?

  22. Himanshu Srivastava says:

    My son date of birth is 16.05.2016 so kindly provide us the best dates for mundan sanskar in december 2018

  23. priyanka says:

    is 10th feb 2019 gud time for first hair cut for my baby boy or not ???

  24. GK JAGU says:

    Kesakhandana muhurtham on Sep & Oct Months

  25. Sujita says:

    Hi my son dob is sept 28, 2019, when should we perform mundan for him?

  26. Tripika Kumaresan says:

    Best time n date of Jan 2020 for my baby 1st mundan …he is 2 yrs now …we hv to do in his 3rd yr

  27. lipika rajak says:

    suitable date and time for mundan a baby of birth 26th april 2019

  28. Adhyasree says:

    Suitable date for mundan of girl baby of 17/05/18

  29. Shalu says:

    My daughter is born on 14-12-2017 time 1.17pm. plz tell me date for mundan .
    Can we do on 26 April 2020 Akshay tritya?

  30. Saroj says:

    Suitable date and time for baby girl mundan ,born in Singapore on 7th September 2020 ,2243 hrs

  31. Rekha says:

    My baby girl born on 11 feb 2020 .let me know the best time and date to have her first mundan.thanks in advance

  32. Vani says:

    Hi what is the best date to remove baby boy hair born 4th may 2020.

  33. Anita Chatterjee says:

    Best date for mundan on The months of September

  34. Bishnu yadav says:

    Suitable mundan date of birth baby 2nov 2019 suggest me a good date or time

  35. SHALENDRA says:

    Kindly suggest Mundan dates on Dec 2020