Mithila Panchang 2020-21 | Maithili Panchang

Mithila Panchang is an official Panchang in Mithila region of Bihar and Maithili speaking communities in Bihar and Nepal. In order to prevent confusion in dates, a meeting of Panchang makers of Mithila was organized by Jyotish Research Center and All India Maithil Mahasabha at Balbhadrapur in Darbhanga. The panchang makers fixed dates for the festivals, marriage, […]

Karnavedha Muhurat 2021 | Auspicious Ear Piercing Days

Karnavedha or ear piercing for child is one of the sixteen major sanskaras (Solah sanskar or Shodasha Samskara) in Hinduism. Especially, for Brahmins it is an essential ritual in their life. Generally, ear piercing ceremony is performed during Mundan or Chudakarana of a child (baby’s first haircut) or at Aksharabhyasam (Vidhyarambham or initiation of child into […]

Vadhu Pravesh Muhurat 2018 | Dulhan Gruh Pravesh

After marriage, the bridegroom brings bride to his home, and it needs to be an auspicious event. This is a significant moment in a girl’s life in order to get fame to her mother’s home and in-law’s home. The girl’s new home will become her place for happiness, progeny, and remaining life. To make this […]

Dwiragaman Muhurat 2019 | Gauna Muhurat 2019

Dwiragaman Muhurat (Gauna Muhurat) is an auspicious time for bride to come to her mother’s home for second time OR come to her in-law’s home for second time after marriage. This ritual has some special significance in North Indian and Bengali weddings. According to Bengali traditions, “Eight days after the marriage, the bride returns to […]

When to bring Pregnant woman to Mother’s Home from In-laws’ house for Delivery

When to bring Pregnant woman to Mother’s Home from In-laws’ house for Delivery? What are the auspicious days for taking pregnant lady for delivery to her mother’s house? As per the Hindu Astrology, the pregnant woman should be brought to her mother’s house for delivery from her in-laws’ house by considering an auspicious Tithi, week […]

Digging Bore wells in 2018-2019 | Auspicious days, Timings (Shubha Muhurthams)

Digging Bore wells in 2018-2019 – Auspicious days, Timings (Shubha Muhurthams) are listed here. For digging a bore well, we should check out for auspicious muhurtham as well as the best place to dig the well. There is no auspicious muhurtham for digging bore wells in January and February 2018 as per Hindu astrology. Some […]

Sarvartha Siddhi Yoga 2019 | Timings of Sarvart Siddhi Yog

Sarvarta Siddhi Yog is an auspicious period of time to start any new ventures as it is highly meritorious. Sarvarta Siddha Yoga gives great strength to the performer to fulfill his desires. As per Hindu Astrology, the auspicious events which start during this period would be highly successful. The great combination of good start or […]