Mourvi | Wife of Ghatotkacha

Mourvi was the consort of Ghatotkacha and the mother of Sri Anjanaparvana, and her in-laws were Bhima and Hidimba. During the Kurukshetra War, her son Anjanaparvana was killed by Ashwatthama.

Mourvi was a Naga Princess, and she was considered as a chaste, pious and a good natured woman, and she was mentioned in the Mahabharata.She was married to Ghatotkacha. Her father dwells in the neck of Lord Shiva, and he serves as a garland to Lord Shiva at Kailasa.
Mourvi was also living in the Kailasa along with her father, and she was serving Mata Parvati with great devotion. Once she had committed a mistake, and due to that, she was cursed by Mata Parvati, to be born in the earth, and to get married the great Ghatotkacha.

Ghatotkacha was married to Mauravi, after winning her in the game conducted by Mourvi, and they had a son whose name was Barbarika. She gave great respects to her father-in-law Bhima,and mother-in-law Hidimba and also to the Pandavas. She kept great devotion on Lord Krishna, and after the death of her husband Ghatotkacha in the Kurukshetra war, she got relieved from her curse, and went back to the Kailasa, and it is believed that she still serves Mata Parvati and Lord Shiva in a pleasing manner.

It is believed that those who worship Mata Mourvi with full of devotion in their mind, would be relieved from poisonous diseases, snake bites and from various diseases.

At this present situation, worshipping Mata Mourvi with Shiva and Parvati would give us all kinds of prosperity in our life, and we would be able to lead our life with good health, wealth and mental peacefulness.


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