Focus on Your Work, You can win the World

You can win the world by just focusing on your work.. just by concentrating on what you are doing presently. Being completely absorbed in the moment, you can understand any sort of tough issues with a great ease. This is a spiritual mantra given us by Sri Srila Prabhupada, the Founder of ISKCON. So much […]

Become less self absorbed, It is a way to keep your mind and heart clean

Becoming less self absorbed is a best way to keep mind and heart clean. A person who is self-absorbed takes him or herself extremely seriously. They value their own time – but no one else’s.  They are usually quite selfish with their time, love, and money, in addition to lacking compassion for those less fortunate. […]

Take both Praise & Criticism evenly: Quote on Praise, Criticism

It’s great to get praise, but I seldom get overly excited about it and jump up and down shouting enthusiastically. When you receive the opposite – negative criticism – you can often observe it calmly without too much wild, negative emotions blocking the way. And you can often appreciate that piece of criticism too (if […]

How to recover quickly from your mistakes, thoughts of Hare Krishna Movement

There will be times when you make mistakes, sometimes big ones. There will be times when you overreact, offend someone, overlook the obvious, say something you shouldn’t have, and so forth. I’ve yet to meet a person who is exempt from these oh-so human facts of life. So, perhaps the most important question isn’t so […]