Mercury in 7th House | Budha in Marriage House

Mercury in 7th House, Budha in 7th House (Marriage House) – what are the effects of Mercury in 7th House?

When Mercury is in 7th house the native will do lot of benefits for others. When Mercury is alive it will be like a diamond and when it is dormant it will be malefic. The animate objects of Mercury will be malefic. The items of Venus or Moon will bring good fortune. If Moon is positioned prior to Mercury he will benefit from sea journeys.

Saturn in House No. 3 will make his in-laws wealthy. There are enemy planets in House No. 1, 10 it will give benefic results.

Jupiter in 9th house indicates destruction even if Venus is benefic. The sharpness of the native may not help him but he will still get worldly comforts and respect in plenty.

Mars in House No. 1, 7, 8 is considered malefic. Till the 34th year the native and his family will face difficulty.

Positive effects of Mercury in 7th house

Mercury will be helpful to other planets and the native will lead a comfortable life. He will be skilled in art and literary pursuits. There will be no litigations or cases against the native. The items of Venus is extremely benefic for Venus and Mercury and indulgence for his wife will be auspicious for him.

When Mercury is alive and a planet in House No. 1, Mercury will be benefic and he will be helpful to his family and relatives.

When there is some planet in House No. 1 and 10, whether it is friendly or not, there will be no malefic effect of these planets.

Negative effects of Mercury in 7th house 

When Mercury is malefic in 7th house, it indicates that the native’s sister, father’s sister and sister-in-law will lead a troubled life.

Ketu in House No. 1 or 8 indicates the defamation of his life through sister-in-law and Mercury will spoil Venus and Mars too.

When House No. 1 blank Mercury will be malefic and there will be loss in business or trouble in childhood but he will have a comfortable old age. Venus will remain malefic till the 34th year of the native.

When Jupiter is in House No. 9 he will have a troubled domestic life.

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