Mercury in 1st house (Budha in Lagna)

When Mercury is in 1st house, the native may not be a pious person but he will be having good health and wealth. Mercury may not be good for itself but it will shine for others. Even though he may be self indulgent it will not damage his earnings.

The native will also be selfish and ill reputed in the society were trained when Mercury is in House No. 1, 5 wealth will fall like a rain. If the native is of dark complexion it will give him tremendous strength.

When Mars is in House No. 2, the items of Mercury are not affected.

Positive effects of Mercury in 1st house

Mercury in House No. 1 will have the temper and capacity of the Sun. The native will lead a comfortable life and his sisters and daughters will be wealthy. Relations connected with the house where sun is positioned will become wealthy. The native will gain from government and superiors and there will be no shortage of earnings.

Along with Saturn, Rahu Ketu will also move as per the direction of Mercury.

When Mercury in House No. 1 is linked with Sun the wife of the native will be from a wealthy family and give him comforts.

When Mars is in House No. 12, Mercury in 1st house will never be malefic.

When Mercury is in 1st house and some other planet like Saturn or Venus is in House No. 7, it will give extremely benefic results especially if the person is of dark complexion.

Negative effects of mercury in 1st house

When Mercury in House No. 10 is alone and House No. 7 is blank, it will be malefic but indicates a royal combination and he will win over others and be helpful to others.

When Moon is in House No. 7 the native will be fond of drinking which will cause him troubles. When Mercury is weak it will bring him bad reputation. If Mars is in House No. 12 Mercury will never be malefic.

When Mercury is malefic, the items of Mercury will not give benefic results. The health of the native will be affected if he consumes eggs. If the native is a drunkard, the in-laws and children will suffer.

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