Mercury in 3rd House (Budha’s 3rd House Effects)

Mercury in 3rd House (Budha’s 3rd House Effects) – what are the positive & negative effects of Mercury in 3rd house?

Mercury in 3rd house is considered extremely malefic. After his birth all others will be perished but not himself. The items of Mercury will be benefic but that of Ketu will be damaged.

When Venus is in House No. 4 the progeny will be delayed and when Sun is in House No. 11 it will give a long life. The Moon is in 8th house it will pollute Venus, Saturn and Rahu. Rahu Ketu Saturn in 6th house will cause the death of father and uncles. The negative Mars will damage Mercury.

When the native has 32 teeth the malefic effects are seen but Mercury will be good for itself.

Positive effects of Mercury in 3rd house

The lifespan of such a native will not be less than 80 years. His relatives and brothers will be helpful to him and he will be victorious over enemies. He will be wealthy even though he will not be helpful to others. When Mars is in House No. 1 Mercury will be benefic. There will be increased in family and Wealth.

When Sun is in House No. 11 there will be gains through maternal uncle and children.

When House No. 9, 11 is blank and Mercury is dormant it will give all-round beneficial results. When Venus is alive it will give good results.

Negative effects of Mercury in 3rd house

When Mercury is malefic it will cause disputes with relatives and brothers. When Mercury is in 3rd house it indicates loss to the native. If the native has 32 teeth he will have a lot of troubles. He will have bad luck and unnecessary expenses. The native cannot remain at his ancestral place and will live in a different place. When Mercury is malefic the articles of Ketu and relations will suffer.

When there is a south facing door in the house Mercury will give the results of the house and will be negative for wife, wealth and in-laws.

Venus in House No. 4 will delay progeny. When Moon is in House No. 8 Venus will be malefic.

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