Mercury in 2nd House (Budha in 2nd House)

Mercury in 2nd house (Budha in 2nd House) – What are the positive & negative effects?

If Mercury is alone in 2nd house, it is considered highly auspicious and helpful and will format royal combination. When House No. 6, 8 is blank Mercury will make the person an intellect.

The planets in House No. 6, 8 will give a large number of daughters to the native.

When Jupiter is in House No. 9, 12 it will give him honour and a long life to the mother.

The support of Saturn will give benefic results. Even though his father may be wealthy it will be of no use to the native. He would be a man of firm determination. His children may be the source of trouble.

Positive effects of Mercury in 2nd house

The native will be very intelligent and lucky. His hard work will make his life comfortable and he will have a long life. The articles of Venus and Mars are benefic.

When Rahu is in House No. 9 the native will have sweet and impressive speech.

When Mars is in House No. 8 he will make profit through writing and speech.

When Mercury is alone in House No. 2 he will be like a dominating king.

When Moon is in House No. 8, 12 father will be blessed with long life as long as Moon is not weak and afflicted.

When Sun is in House No. 8 he will be skilled and greedy for money. When Saturn is in House No. 6 he will lead a comfortable life and be a self-made wealthy man.

Negative effects of Mercury in 2nd house

When Ketu is malefic it will give delayed progeny and there will be no comforts through children. His wealth would disappear and there will be no comforts from father. There will be loss through gambling, speculative investment, lottery tickets. All the relations of Mercury like sister, daughter, sister of father will be unlucky for the native.

When Sun is in House No. 8 even though he will be intelligent, he will be weak financially.

When Saturn or Sun are powerful the effects of Mercury will be wavering. Jupiter in House No. 8 will be malefic for relations and grandfather the items of Jupiter also get adversely affected.

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  1. Ar BL SRIVASTAVA says:

    Min my birth Chart Rahu is in 9th house and nars in 8th house but find your statement untrue