Sant Marula | Sanskrit Poetess

Marula (13th century AD) was a female Sanskrit saint-poet, and she was born in North India. Similar to Meera, Sakkubai and Kanhopatra, she was a staunch devotee of Lord Krishna, and dedicated her life towards worshipping Lord Krishna, and wrote bhakti songs on Krishna and sung in the temples.

Marula’s poems are praised by great scholars, and by the kings, and her poems received proper recognition even after several years. Due to her interest in devoting Krishna, she had never married, and spent her life time, by thinking only about Lord Krishna.

During her young age itself, she joined with the pilgrims and went on holy pilgrimages such as Puri, Vrindavan and Pandharpur. Due to her sincere devotion, once she had the divine vision of Lord Krishna, and it was lasted for a few minutes. She was a noble, humble and a chaste woman, who had controlled her senses, and concentrated her entire attention on “KRISHNA BHAKTI”. She also spread the “KRISHNA BHAKTI” amongst the people through her wonderful songs on Lord Krishna.

Some of the verses from her poems are as follows:-

1. Oh! my Lord, in this Kali Yuga,keeping sincere bhakti on you, would makes us to reach at your lotus feet, Though I am a lay man, and I am not aware of Vedas,please remove the darkness in my life, and show me the divine light on my path.

2. Knowingly or unknowingly, I might have committed sins. Please forgive my mistakes, and destroy my sins, and make me to concentrate my attention, only on you.

3. In this life ocean you are the captain of the ship, and please make me to reach the shore safely.

4. We are all the refugees in this world. Please relieve us from the repeated birth cycles, and give us salvation.

5. Oh! Great Lord Krishna, for the hungry person, you are giving food and water, and for the saintly person, you are giving enlightenment.


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