Sant Marula | Sanskrit Poetess

Marula (13th century AD) was a female Sanskrit saint-poet, and she was born in North India. Similar to Meera, Sakkubai and Kanhopatra, she was a staunch devotee of Lord Krishna, and dedicated her life towards worshipping Lord Krishna, and wrote bhakti songs on Krishna and sung in the temples. Marula’s poems are praised by great […]

Gangadevi (Gangambika) | Sanskrit Poet of ‘Madura Vijayam’

Gangambika (14th century AD) was a princess and a poet of the Vijayanagara Empire at the present day Karnataka. She was the wife of Kumara Kampana, the noble son of the Vijayanagara king Bukka Raya I. Gangambika wrote the details about the victory of her husband, over the Muslims in Madurai in the form of […]

Keshav Pandit (Keshav Swami) | Chief Priest of Shivaji Maharaj

Keshav Pandit (17th century AD) also called as Keshav Swami lived during the time of Chhatrapati Shivaji, and he served as a chief priest to Sri Shivaji, and he was a Sanskrit scholar and a famous poet during his period. He was considered as a friend of Shivaji, and used to participate in his family […]

Chanakya | Kautilya | Vishnugupta

Chanakya (2nd century BC) was an ancient Indian guru,contains great wisdom, knowledge and specialized in all the subjects. He is also known as Kautilya, who was the author of the Arthashastra. Chanakya was the guru for the Mauryan emperor Chandragupta and helped him to establish the kingdom, and to rule it properly. Chanakya was the […]

Kavi Bhushan | Sanskrit Poet at Shivaji Maharaj & Chhatrasal courts

Kavi Bhushan (1613–1712) was a famous poet, who served in the court of the Maratha king Shivaji. He was a talented Sanskrit poet. Bhushan was born in a village in the present-day Kanpur district of Uttar Pradesh. His brothers are also popular poets, and they served in the courts of various Indian Kings. Kavi Bhushan […]

Bharatchandra Ray Gunakor

Bharatchandra Ray Gunakor (1712–1760) was a Bengali and Sanskrit poet and composer of divine songs. He is well appreciated for his holy work, ‘Annapurna mangal’, which mentions the greatness of Mata Annapurna, a form of Mata Shakti Devi, who provides plenty of food to all the living beings in the earth. He was honoured with […]