Mars in 9th House | Mangal in House of Fortune

Mars in 9th House, Mangal in 9th House (Bhagya Sthana – House of Fortune) – what are the effects of Mars in 9th house?

When Mars is in 9th house he will be born into a royal family. His prosperity will start from the age of 13 and by the 28th year he will be king. The company of Venus, Moon with Mars will form a fish line. Irrespective of its position the Sun will give royal support. When Mercury is malefic Mars also becomes malefic and it is not good for the father.

The condition of parents is determined by Moon, Jupiter. Having a good relation with brother will be beneficial and if there is a conflict it can be destructive. All the planets except Mercury will give benefic results.

Positive effects of Mars in 9th house

When Venus or Moon is in House No. 9 or aspects Mars it will form a fish line. Association with brother’s will bring prosperity and he will become a king by the age of 28. The support and protection of elder brother will be extremely helpful. The native should not separate from his elder brother. He will get prosperity through military hardware.

Negative effects of Mars in 9th house

When Mercury is malefic or when Mars itself becomes negative, it would yield negative results. He may get affected with certain diseases or troubles and have to seek the help of lowly people.

When Mercury is malefic it can badly affect the parents. As a relief to these negative effects the native should keep a red handkerchief with him always. He should apply red vermilion on to the idol of Lord Hanuman on Tuesday.

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