Mars in 8th House | Mangal in Ayushya Bhava | Kuja in Arogya Sthana

Mars in 8th House, Mangal in Ayushya Bhava, Kuja in Arogya Sthana – Positive effects & negative effects of

Mars will be benefic and give excellent results when the House No. 2 is blank. The effect of Mars will deteriorate as the effect of Mercury grows. Mars will not be malefic for himself but for his relations. The native will be honourable, hard-working and bold in the face of adversity. He will be blessed with lots of wealth and long life but he will destroy others.

Positive effects of Mars in 8th house

When Mars is in 8th house he will have strong determination and be kind hearted and hard-working. He will also be victorious over his enemies.

When Moon, Jupiter is in House No. 2 or House No. 2 is blank, Mars will give benefic results.

When Moon is in House No. 1, 3, 4, 8, 9 Mars will be positive. When Mercury is in House No. 8, it will be always favourable provided there is a small darkroom at the end of the ancestral home.

Negative effects of Mars in 8th house

The native may not have the elder or younger brother, even if he has one, he may die. Sometimes there will be no younger brother for 13 to 15 years from the birth of the native and such brothers will be the source of bad luck.

When Mercury, Ketu is in House No. 2, younger brother may not survive or be diseased and troubled. When there is a planet in House No. 2, he will lead a miserable life and there will be loss of wealth till the 28th year. The south facing door or underground furnace will be inauspicious and destroy the family.

Mercury in House No. 6 indicates the death of mother in childhood. When Mars is negative it will make the native poor. When Mercury becomes benefic the Mars becomes malefic.

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