Mars in 4th House (Mangal’s 4th House Effects)

Mars in 4th House (Mangal’s 4th House Effects) – what are the positive effects and negative effects of Mars in 4th house?

When Mars is in 4th house, courage will help them to overcome adversity but adverse destiny will not allow him to have courage.

When Mars is supported by male planets or Moon it is positive. Without the help of Sun Moon and Mercury Ketu in House No. 3, 4, 8 Mars will become negative and extremely destructive. The family may be destroyed at 28 or the mother or wife will die.

Mercury in House No. 12 will destroy the mind and bring misery.

Positive effects of Mars in 4th house

When 2 malefic planets like Saturn Rahu or Saturn Ketu or Mercury Ketu or conjoined, Mars will become benefic and give positive results.

When Moon or Venus are positioned alone or conjoined with Mars in House No. 3, 4, 8 Mars will always be positive. The native will be bold, kindhearted and be helpful to his relatives. When Mars is benefic he will be blessed with buried wealth and elder brothers and their children will be lucky for the native.

Negative effects of Mars in 4th house

When Mars is unfavourable, domestic life will be troublesome and the native will be of rash temperament, questionable character and not so intelligent. He will be the cause of destruction to the family. He will be unfavourable up to 28 years for his mother, grandmother, mother-in-law and his brothers wife. If the person is born into a wealthy family he would destroy all the wealth. When Ketu is in 8th house he will suffer financial loss.

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