Margashira Lakshmivaram 2023-2024 | Margashira Guruvara Lakshmi Puja in Andhra Pradesh

Kanakamahalakshmi Temple Vizag 5 no-watermark

Kanakamahalakshmi Temple Vizag 5 no-watermark

Margashira Lakshmivara Lakshmi vratham is observed on all Thursdays during Margasira masam in Andhra Pradesh, especially in North Coastal Andhra districts – Visakhapatnam, Srikakulam and Vizianagaram. Margashira Lakshmi Vratam 2023-24 dates are – 13 December, 20 December, 27 December, 4 January and 11 January in 2024.

It is to note that in some areas, it continues till the first Thursday in Pushya masam.

Margasira Guruvara Lakshmi vratam is observed with much devotion in Kanaka Mahalakshmi temple in Visakhapatnam. Thousands of devotees throng to the temple during the vratam. In Orissa, this vratam is observed as Manabasa Gurubar Vrata.

Naivedyam or food offerings to Goddess Lakshmi during Margasira Lakshmivara Vratham 2022

1st Thursday – Pulagam – 13 December 2023

2nd Thursday – Ksheerannam (Paalannam) – 20 December 2023

3rd Thursday – Kudumulu – 27 December 2023

4th Thursday – Paramannam – 4 January 2024

5th Thursday – Poornam Boorelu – 11 January 2024

Here you can read the Margasira Lakshmi Puja Vidhanam or steps involved in Lakshmi puja procedure 

Margashira Lakshmi Vratha Katha in Telugu

Download Margashira Mahalakshmi Vratha Vidhanam in Telugu PDF

Margasira Lakshmi Vratam 2021-2022 dates are – December 9, December 16, December 23, December 30 and 6 January 2022.

Margasira Lakshmi Vratam 2020-2021 dates are – December 17, December 24, December 31, 7 January and 14 January 2021.

Margasira Lakshmi Vratam 2019 dates are – 27 November, December 5, December 12, December 19 and December 26.

Margashira Lakshmi Vratam 2022 dates are – 24 November, 1 December, 8 December, 15 December and 22 December.

Margasira Lakshmi vratam 2018-2019 dates were – December 13, December 20 and December 27 in 2018; January 3 in 2019.

Margasira Lakshmi vratam 2017 dates were: November 23, November 30, December 7 and December 14.

Margasira Lakshmi vratam 2016 dates were: December 1, December 8, December 15, December 22 and December 29.

Margasira Lakshmi vratam 2015-2016 dates were: December 17, December 24, December 31 and 7 January & 14 January 2016.

Margasira Lakshmi vratam 2014 dates were: November 27, December 4, December 11, December 18 and December 25.

Margasira Lakshmi vratam 2013 dates were: December 5, December 12, December 19, December 26 in 2013 and January 2 in 2014. It is to note that in some areas, it continues till the first Thursday in Pushya masam.

Margasira Lakshmi vratam 2012-2013 dates were: December 20, December 27, January 3, January 10 and January 17 in 2013. It is to note that in some areas, it continues till the first Thursday in Pushya masam.

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  7. Jyothi says:

    Dear Naveen Garu,
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      You can do it next Thursday and prolong it to the first/second Thursday in Pushya Masam (Poush Month)..

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    margashirsha laxmi puja vidhi and katha in english pdf

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  17. How to do udyapana of margasira Laxmi puja

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    im a bit confused. 26th Dec 2019, is not Margasira masam.. So id Dec 19th 2019 the last day of the vratam.. Please advice.