Mandapur Shanighat Temple | Shani Temple in Medak district (Telangana)

lord shani

lord shani

Mandapur Shanighat temple, Parvathi Parameshwara Shanighat Temple, located in Kondapur mandal of Medak district is one of the popular Shani temples in Andhra Pradesh. Wargal Shani temple is another Shani Mandir located in Medak district.

The important aspect of this temple is – here Shani is worshipped along with Parvathi Parameshwar (Lord Shiva and Parvathi). The idol of Lord Shani represents the architectural values of the sculptors and it remains one of the best Shani idols in the world.

Shani Trayodasi is the important festival celebrated in Mandapur Shani Temple. Shani Amavasya and Shani Jayanthi are also the best occasions to visit the temple.

Shanishwara Melukolupu, Thila Thailabhishekam, and Maha Mangala Harathi are the main rituals of Shani Trayodasi puja in Shanighat temple in Mandapur.

Those who are interested to perform and to participate in Shani pujas can contact the Chief Priest of the temple Mr. Parameshwara Swamy in his mobile number – 90328 01076.

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  1. N'Simha says:


    The telephone number of Mr. Parameswara Swamy is 9704971825. The route is: after crossing sangareddy on the Mumbai Highway, we have to take left at Malkapur village (we will find an arch). From the arch, we have to reach Gollapalli village wich is 10km from Markapur arch. From Gollapally we have to travel into real interiors for about 2km by katcha path (Ask the villagers the route for shiva temple). There is no road and it is better to go by a 2 wheeler. If you are going by a 4 wheeler, keep your stepheny ready. Further, I was told that the shani temple will be open only on Saturdays from mornng to evening. After dusk, it is impossible to travel on this road. It is approximately 42km from Hyderabad BHEL. The road is fantastic till markapur and good till gollapally.

    Further, pl carry a black coloured dhoti to bath and do 27 pradakshinas. Some minimum puja items are available (i.e., oil and coconut) near the temple. Better if you can carry. Along with Sani temple, there is a very old siva temple which was situated in the cave type rock structure. You can also see a recently constructed Saibaba temple. There is some construction work is going on top of the hill.

    Wish you all a happy darshan.

    Thanks & Best Wishes

  2. Mandapur shanighat temple says:

    I have been to shani temple at mandapur in medak a few times . It is a must visit and you will enjoy the stay at mandapur shanighat temple. It is surrounded by nice place and you will find peace of mind.

  3. raghavendra says:

    thank you for providing information about mandapur shanighat temple. It is very famous shani temple in medak of andhra pradesh. Can you provide the mantapur shanighat temple routemap also for the welfare of tourists

  4. Karthik says:

    How to reach shani temple in medak from hyderabad. What is the distance between Mandapur shani temple in medak to hyderabad. Also give Mandapur shani temple phone number in the updates.

  5. raghuveer says:

    arey yaar iam belongs to gollapally. its just 5kms from my village.u can go with ur 4 wheelers also

  6. Jaganmay says:

    do we need to take bath after sani thailabhishekam

  7. Sumangal says:

    only one temple in andhra pradesh shiva shani

  8. Sharang says:

    shani trayodasi 2013 and temples in andhra pradesh

  9. Ipsa says:

    how to travel from sec bad to shani temple near sangareddy

  10. ashok kumar sahu says:

    can you please provide me the way of the tenmple. i stayed at kondapur hyderabad.

  11. Jayadeep says:

    Lord Shani Temple/Parvathi Parameshwara Temple Madhapur Kondapur Mandal Medak District

  12. Chinmayi says:

    lord shani temple/parwathi parmeshwar temple is located in the village named mandapur kondapur mandal in medak district

  13. Chanda says:

    Lord Shani Temple/Parwathi Parmeshwar Temple Mandapur Kondapur Mandal Medak District

  14. Pankti says:

    lord shani dev temple mandapur kondapur mandal medak

  15. Leora says:

    lord shani temple/parvati parameshwara temple madhapur kondapur mandal medak district

  16. Supriya says:

    is there any saneeswara temple konapur near sankarpalli hydeabad

  17. raghuveer says:

    now the road from gollapally to shani temple was built by govt. it is very comfortable for any vehicle except aeroplain&train.the way is hyd to sangareddy. and sangareddy to gollapally to shani temple, it is in the way of mandhapur.

  18. raghuveer says:

    supriya shani temple also there in enkathala which is near to mominpet

  19. Ravinder says:

    Which temple for best to shani dev pooja in telangana near Hyderabad.