Cheruvugattu Temple Sthalapuranam | History of Jadala Ramalingeshwara Swamy Temple

cheruvugattu jatara jadala ramalingeshwara swamy temple

cheruvugattu jatara jadala ramalingeshwara swamy temple

Sri Parvathi Jadala Ramalingeswara Swamy Devasthanam is situated on the hillock at Cheruvugattu and it is ancient and historical temple.

The presiding deity Lord Ramalingeswara Swamy erected by “Lord Parusharama in Trethayugam”. In Trethayugam the Karthikaya abducted the divine wish-fulfilling cow (Kamadhenu) and her calf from Sage Jamadagni’s ashram. This incident occurred in Parshuram’s absence. On His return, realizing what had happened, He vowed to slay Kartavirya. In the ensuing battle between the two on the banks of the river Narmada, Parshuram slew Kartavirya. Thereafter complying with His father’s directives He embarked on a pilgrimage and to undertake austerities

After Parshuram left, to avenge Kartavirya’s death, Haihayas beheaded Sage Jamadagni. When this news reached Parshuram He returned to the ashram. There were twenty-one injuries made with arrows on the dead body of Jamadagni. Seeing them Parshuram instantly pledged that ‘He would circumambulate the earth twenty-one times to punish and rid the earth of evil Kshatriyas and Haihayas Brahman by them.’

According to this vow He would slay the unrighteous Kshatriyas and then retreat for penance to the Mahendra mountain. When there was an upsurge in evil warriors He would return and slay them. He completed twenty-one such missions. He fought the last battle on the Samantpanchak. There He washed His axe (Parshu) soaked with the blood of the Kshatriyas and laid it down.

Erecting temples of deities of territories Kshetrapaldevata:

While circumambulating the earth twenty-one times, He established one hundred and eight of
pilgrimage with divine energy tirthakshetra that is temples of deities of territories Kshetrapaldevata. Before that saints only knew about these places but had erected temples or established holy seats (piths) there last 108 temple that the last one was Sri Parwathi Jadala Ramalingeswara Swamy Devasthanam is situated on the hillock at Cheruvugattu by lord Parusharam.

Cheruvugattu Temple in Puranas and other ancient scriptures

In Tretayugam Lord Parusharama was erected a small idol shiva lingam in enclave with west face and he is on the Shivalingam is increasing day by day. Parusharama was beaten on the Shiva lingam with his axe increasing of lingam was stopped and the mark of broken is on the top of the lingam.

Temples to Visit near Cheruvugattu Temple

Mudugundlu, Yellamma Ammavari Temple, Gopadam, Sri Anjaneya Swamy Temple, and Sri Bhairava swamy Temple in Hill hock and Sub temple at downhill Sri Parwathi Ammavari Temple.

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