Managudi 2014 from November 6

Managudi 2014 from November 6…

The unique spiritual programme jointly mooted by TTD and AP Endowments Department, “Managudi” will be conducted in around 54,300 temples across the states of Andhra Pradesh, Telengana, Tamilnadu and Karnataka on November 6, in connection with the auspicious occasion of Karthika Pournami.

This mass spiritual programme was being initiated by TTD and S State Endowments departments in the year 2012 to protect and promote Hindu dharma which is under threat due to western cultural onslaught. So far five programmes have been successfully conducted and now both TTD and AP Endowments are gearing up for the sixth one with an aim to to restore the prime position of temples which have been the centres of socio-cultural life since ages in the country.

Every time while performing this mass religious activity one unique programme is being conceptualised. This time matching the occasion, “Karthika Masa Vanabhojanotsavams” have also been conceptualised and made a part in this spiritual event. Apart from this on November 4, with the advent of Mangala Kaisika Dwadasi will be conducted in 10 selected dalitwadas in every district and on November 6, Lakshabilwarchana will be performed in all the important Saivaite temples located in every district.

TTD will distribute “Dharma Dhwajam”s to all the temples during this managudi which will be tied atop dhwajasthambham of every temple.


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