Mahamaya Dham, Bogribari in Assam

Mahamaya Temple is situated in Bogribari, in Assam and it is considered as one of the most famous Shakti Peetas in India. Next to Ma Kamakhya Temple of Guwahati, this temple attracts large number of devotees from all parts of India. Ma Mahamaya is sincerely worshipped by most of the Hindus in Assam.

Ma Mahamaya was highly honoured by the ancient Assam rulers, and for most of them, she is the Kula Devi, and at present she is considered to be the most powerful deity in India, since she removes the illusions from the minds of the people, and convert them into pure and pious.

This temple grandly celebrates the Durga Puja festivals, and during that time, devotees would chant her names, and would worship her by performing various pujas and abhishekhams to her. Inside the temple premises, we can hear the loud sound of the devotees by calling “Ma Mahamayaki Jai”, in order to express their love and affection on the holy mother goddess.

Mahamaya removes the bad habits from us like lust, anger and greedy and would generate goodness in our lives.A few kilometres away from the main Mahamaya temple, there is also another temple for Ma Shakti Devi, and it is known as Mahamaya Snaanghat Temple.

There are thousands of small and big temples for Ma Shakti Devi situated throughout India. In Tamil Nadu, she is called as Angalamman, Pathala Poniamman and Bhavani Thulukanathamman and in Andhra, she is worshipped as Gangamma, in Kerala, she is worshipped as Mookambika, in Karnataka, she is worshipped as Banashankari, and in North India, she is worshipped as Mahamaya, Jwala Devi and Saptashrungi Devi. Though there are lot of temples dedicated for Ma Shakti, and she has given lot of names, but she is showing equivalent powers in all of her temples.


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