Mahabhairav Temple, Tezpur, Assam | Story, History, Timings, Festivals

Mahabhairav Temple in Tezpur, Assam is one of the popular Bhairava Temples in India. It is located at a hillock on the northern part of Tezpur. As per the beliefs, this temple was established by King Bana to worship Shiva.

This Shiva Temple was originally built of stone but the present one was renovated and constructed with concrete. The Kings of the Tungkhungiya dynasty donated lands and other wealth to the temple and appointed priests and other people to look after the temple. Now, this temple is managed by the Government of Assam.

Sthala Purana

The temple was built for worshiping Lord Shiva by King Banasura. The Shivalinga of this temple is said to be made of ‘Living Stone’ which grows over slowly by the years. Many people believe that Banasura obtained his boon while worshipping Mahabhairav in this temple.

Festivals celebrated at Mahadev Temple

Shivaratri is celebrated in the temple with big festivity and people from all over the country visit it. The week-long Shivratri mela is very famous all over Assam. Bhang and laddoos are sold as prasad.

Shravan Somvar Puja in Shravan Month, Kartik Month, Devi Navratri, etc. are also celebrated with utmost gusto in this temple.

This temple also conducts marriage ceremonies.

People usually free pigeons in this temple as an offering, it is a wonderful sight to see hundreds of pigeons in this place.

Temple Timings

Mahabhairav Temple opens in the morning at 6 AM and closes at 8’0 clock in the night.


The archeologists believe that the temple was built during 8th to 10th century A.D. by the kings of the Salasthamba dynasty. That originally there was a stone temple is evident from the huge pillars scattered all around the temple. But the original temple was destroyed during the Islamic invasions of the Middle Ages. It was however, rebuilt by successive kings and rulers, until it was heavily damaged by the catastrophic earthquake of 1897.

The present structure of the temple was built sometime in the early part of the present century by a devotee and monk Sri Swayambar Bharati, popularly known as Naga Baba. After a few years, another monk Sri Mahadeo Bharati built the “Nat Mandir” close to the temple. After a few years another devotee built the cement-concrete idols of Ganesh and Hanuman as “Dwarpaals” in front of the temple.

Tezpur Bhairabi Temple, Da Parbatia Temple at Tezpur, Haleswar Temple, Ganesh Mandir, etc. are the famous Hindu holy places near Tezpur, Assam.

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