Maha Saptami 2013, Durga Saptami Pooja

Maha Saptami 2013, Durga Saptami Pooja 2013. Maha Saptami 2013 date. It is the seventh day of Navratri and second day of Durga Puja in Bengal.

Maha Saptami (Durga Saptami) is 7th day of Durga Navaratri and 2nd of Durga Puja in Bengal. In 2013, Maha Saptami date is October 11.

Mahasaptami is one of the auspicious days in Ashwin month as on this day the main Puja in Devi Triratra vrata is performed.

Mahasaptami – The first day of Durga Puja in Bengal:

Mahasaptami, also known as Devi Saptami, is the first day of Durga Puja in Bengal. On this day, Kola Bow or Nabapatrika is offered a pre-dawn bath. Nabapatrika is an ages old ritual of worshipping nine varieties of plants. Nine plants collectively signify Navadurga Goddesses, nine aspects of Goddess Durga.

Durga Sapthami in South India:

In South India, Maha Sapthami has a great significance as it the beginning of Triratra vrata which is performed by most of the households in Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Gujarat and Tamil Nadu. In Kanakadurga Temple of Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh, Goddess Durga is decorated and worshiped as Goddess Mahalakshmi. On Seventh day of Durga Navratri, Goddess Kalaratri or Kaaldatri Mata is worshipped in some other regions.

Maha Saptami 2012 date was October 21.

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