Lord Shiva in the Pashupatinath seal

During the British rule, the railway department where engaged in the clearing of the mount region in Pakistan’s Sind province for laying railway track a seal was discovered at Mohenjodaro. The seal depicted a seated figure surrounded by animals that is largely assumed to be Lord Shiva or the Pashupati. It is greatly considered as a a “proto-Shiva” figure.

According to the historians, “This Pashupatinath (Lord of animal-like beings) seal shows a seated figure, possibly ithyphallic, surrounded by animals.” On the other hand, Sir John Marshall and others experts have largely claimed that this particular figure is a prototype of Shiva. It is to be highly noted that the seal have described as the figure that is having clear three faces and perfectly seated in a right “yoga posture” with the His knees out and His feet joined.  On the hand, Gavin Flood has strongly criticized all the present version to a great extent in his books. It is to be highly noted that John Keay has widely characterizing this particular seal as unfounded.

Most of the Hindu religious scholars and pundits can’t digest the version of the Seal that had the figure of Pushupathi related to Lord Shiva. This is mainly because it was a recent found that too by the British and the seal was in their custody. The figure also doesn’t match with any of the image and figures of the ancient Hindu Shiva temple or its objects. The theory of Pushupati seal is new to Hindu religion so it may take more time and research in finding acceptability among the Hindus related to the foreigner’s version regarding the seal.

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