Lord Muthappan: A manifestation of Shiva & Vishnu

In the Coorg region of Karnataka and in North Malabar region of Kerala, Sree Muthappan is a popular folk Hindu deity who is commonly worshiped with much dedication and devotion by the devotees and pilgrim belong to the Hindu religion.

According to the Sanskrit language, the name of the deity is known as Muthappan and Thiruvappan. This particular deity is regarded as the perfect manifestation of Shiva and Vishnu. This Lord doesn’t follow the Satvic Brahminical form of worship that is followed in most of the Indian Hindu temples.

It is to be highly noted that a ritual enactment of Muthappan is the primary mode of worship and at the Parassinikadavu temple, performed daily. It is to be remembered that toddy and Fish is used as an offering to this Lord.

This deity is worshipped by the people who belong to f all castes, religions and nationalities are without any restriction permitted to enter the shrine and wholeheartedly take active part in the worship. In the ritualistic Theyyam dance (Muthappan Theyyam) is largely performed in the famous Parassinikkadavu temple.

It is to be noted that Muthappan is the principal deity of this temple. It is to be remembered that Vannan community of Kerala are the ritual performers of Muthappan Theyyam. The Thiyya community performs the Puja and ritual to this lord in the shrines with great devotion and dedication. Most of the Malayali and Kannadiga devotees and pilgrims strongly believe that this deity as their wish fulfiller. There are many shrines dedicated to this particular Lord in these regions.

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