Lord Hanuman is the Most Popular Hindu God

lord-hanumanWho is the most adorable Hindu God for youth? Mighty Lord Hanuman, the deity of strength, tops all the lists with a tremendous lead over all other deities. For an instance, in sponsored links on the internet, Hanuman takes over all other Gods with approximately 27 lakh links, whereas Lord Krishna comes second with 9 lakh links and Lord Ganesh stays on third position with approximately 8 lakh sponsored links.

Inspiring Devotion across the World:
Not only inspiring devotion within the people of India, but Hanumans stories and legends are spreading throughout the world. Even the new President of America, Barack Obama says that Lord Hanuman is his favorite God and he inspired from Hanumans stories and legends.

Hanuman Chalisa – The Second most recited Mantra:
Lord Hanuman is known for his strength and for his kind look over devotees. Hanuman, also called as Lord Anjaneya, protects his devotees by destroying ghosts, demons and by making them free from all troubles. The Hanuman Chalisa is the primary verse for his devotees to please the lord. Probably, Hanuman Chalisa is the second most recited verse in every Hindu home. Obviously, the most recited verse is the Gayathri Mantra.

Bajrang Bali Ki Jai – A new Slogan for Next Generation:
Instead of He-Man and Super-Man, todays children are admiring Hanuman for his great values and attitude. Parents have started to tell the stories of Hanuman to their kids by applying daily lifes moral. As most of the personality development formulas have told by the Bhagwadgita, Lord Hanuman also helps the next generation with his attitude full of dedication, determination, positive thinking, motivation and helping nature. It is a fact that nowadays children are replacing their hi-fi toys with masks of Hanuman and mace of Hanuman.

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  1. Nikku says:

    It is giving me immense pleasure that Lord Hanuman is the most famous lord in the internet world too…thanks for the information, Jai shri Ram, Jai Shri Hanuman

  2. Sean Panton says:

    I was recently told by the King Brahman Priest in Thailand after years of knowing there was something different about me that I am an incarnation of the Hanuman, I am currently working on a new world order project and have always been able to fly in my sleep, help others, defy spirits and expel demons while improving peoples lives around me, now is the time to really step up an help as the planet need it. This is new news, I don’t want any credit or fame I just want to let you know that I am back and I’m going to help in anyway I can. Namaste, Ohmm Namo Shiva