Lets Fly Like a Bird

Let’s start flying on the skies like a free bird without having any tensions and pressures on our mind. Though we don’t have feathers to fly, at least in our imagination, we can think that with our feathers, we fly to the divine places like the Holy Indra Loka, Brahma Loka, Vaikunta and Kailasa. But the celestials like the Gandharvas and Devas who resides in the Gandharva Loka and Deva Loka are having feathers, and they could fly to any places,at any time, as per their wish. Who knows, in an invisible form, even they might sit next to us, and might watch our activities!

In the Puranas, it was mentioned that even the great sages and the Bhagavathas like Prahlada and Dhruva visited the Divine Places, even without having feathers, and they were able to achieve this, due to their staunch devotion on the god, and due to their spiritual powers. Still, devotees strongly believe that the great saints like Guru Raghavendra and Shirdi Saibaba visits their homes in an invisible form, in order to consume or at least smell the Prasad items kept in their puja room.

If humans, and especially if devotees have got feathers at the present stage of life, then it would be very easy for them to reach the holy places like Kasi, Rameshwaram and even Mount Kailash, within few hours. But if the bad people, like the terrorists contain feathers, then it would be very easy for them to cause destruction to the whole world!

Ancient people tried to fly high on the skies by covering some artificial feathers on their body, and after reaching big mountains they jumped, with the belief that they would fly high on the skies, but unfortunately those people fell down on the earth and died immediately.

We can also worship the bird deities like the great Jatayu, Sampathi, Garuda and Mayura, the divine peacock of Lord Muruga, in order to get their grace. Due to the possession of big feathers, once, Lord Garuda was able to quickly arrive to the earth, in order to remove, the Nagastra from the body of Lord Rama.Hence, instead of aiming to fly higher on the skies, which is quite impossible, at least let us make our mind to fly faster to various divine abodes situated on the skies.


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