Let us be Faithful to the God

Uma Maheshwara – Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvathi

Uma Maheshwara – Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvathi

Let us be faithful and sincere to the god. Even a dog act faithfully to its master, but we human beings who contains six senses, are not loyal to our universal master, the god. The ancient Rishis have got the opportunity to get the direct Darshan of Lord Shiva due to their staunch devotion. They have attained this due to their severe penance and bhakti on Shiva.

During the times of problematic situations, we would be praying to the god to offer money or donations in the form of things to the temples like Tirumala or to our Kuladeivam Temple. But some of us would forget to offer the necessary things to the god, due to our negligence, or otherwise we would do like that in a casual manner. But it is not correct to do like that.

After getting cured from our ailments, generally, we used to thank the doctor, even after paying the prescribed fees to him, and at that time, we used to think, that our diseases are cured only due to the doctor’s ability. Though our presumption with this regard might be correct, but we should understand that only because of the grace of the god, the doctor has given the necessary treatment to us, and relieved us from our ailments.

Some people used to tell it in pride, that “I am the follower of communism”! Let them follow communism, but at the same time, they must realise that communism is also a part of spiritualism, and without spiritualism nothing would be there in the world. Follow the sayings of Lenin, Fidel Castro and Karl Marx, but at the same time, follow the teachings of Adishankara, Madhwacharya and Krishna also.

Some people are of the belief that god doesn’t have eyes, ears and brain, and with this wrong belief, they are committing lot of sins in their lives. Some people wanted to see the god in their naked eyes, without following any spiritual practices in their lives, and some of them are simply criticising the Hindu gods and goddesses as much as they can, since they find great satisfaction in doing like that. We can cite a best example for these types of people.

Normally crows consider themselves as very clever and strong birds, and sometimes they would even attack the gigantic eagles. But in that situations, eagles would not give any type of reaction, but would allow the crows to sit on its back, and it would began to fly high in the skies. The adamant crow first would bravely sit on the back of the eagle, and also would give trouble to it, but as the eagle rises up on the skies, the crows would be unable to breathe properly, and as a result, within a few seconds, they would fall down in the earth, and also would die.Likewise, god would give lot of opportunities to the bad people, and also would allow them to attack him, but at last, even,if they didn’t correct their mistakes, then his reaction with them would be like that of the clever bird eagle.


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