Layakaara, Lord Shiva as Destroyer

Shiva as Ugra Raudra Samhara murthi

Shiva as Ugra Raudra Samhara murthi

Lord Shiva is also known as Layakaara. The word ‘Laya’ in Sanskrit means Rhythm or a rhythmic cycle. Lord Shiva is called as Layakaara because he is the one who creates the Crests and Troughs in life, which make the very essence of the livelihood. The Divine Trio comprises of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva.

Lord Brahma creates all the beings and decides their longevity. Lord Vishnu takes care of the mainstream process of imparting the life and assigning the destiny of all the beings. While Lord Shiva is the one who makes every being know their responsibility and act accordingly to reach their destiny.

One says that Lord Shiva controls the way of thinking and he is the cause for every walk of the life. In order to have the control over all the senses, one should pray Lord Shiva with all the attention. The way we think is described as Laya, as it leads to all of our acts and the fruits we get. If we think in a manner which would be useful to others as well, that leads to the survival of all the beings in this world. If we think in the way that only we are benefited out of it, that leads to selfishness and ultimately self destruction. Therefore, if one is dedicated to Lord Shiva, he always thinks about the welfare of others, which leads to the prosperity of the human race.

Thus, if one can think in a right way, he is said to be in the proper rhythm and will be harmonious to one and all. Hence, he will gain the grace of Lord Layakaara.

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