Land gifted by Ancient Kings

Ancient kings used to gift lands to the saints and the holy people. The Cheras, Cholas and Pandyas had gifted lot of lands to the saints, and they also built various temples of Lord Shiva and Vishnu in their lands.

The Mantralayam saint Guru Raghavendra Swamy had obtained the Mantralayam village, also called as Manchala Village, as a gift from the Muslim King, SiddiMasood Khan, and he has gladly donated the land to the holy Guru. Apart from this, Guru Raghavendra had received lands from some small rulers and from the land lords.

Ancient lands donated by the kings are used only for productive purposes. But in recent times, lot of agriculture lands are getting converted into real estate plots, and they are selling like hot cakes. Though agriculture lands are meant using only for agriculture purpose, the real estate owners, are using their money power and converting the farm lands into commercial and residential lands, and selling it to their customers.

Many poor farmers are selling their own agriculture lands to the rich real estate owners, due to poor rainfall and poor harvest. Blaming those poor people is not well and good. But the rich land owners must realize that agriculture lands are the precious properties, and they must be used only for cultivation of crops. Instead of earning huge money by selling the plots, the rich land owners can use the lands by cultivating food crops, and can sell the food products directly to the poor farmers, by helping them to lead a financial stress free life.

Lot of agriculture lands have already been converted into plots, educational institutions, big factories, business houses, entertainment places etc. Once when a land is utilized for some other purpose, we cannot restore it. Already thousands and thousands acres of agriculture lands have been utilized for various other purposes. If still it goes on like that, then in future we have to face severe consequences such as famine, price rise in food commodities, hungry deaths etc.

In ancient times, the kings were very interested in cultivating food crops, and they encouraged agriculture. They paid good remuneration to the farmers and helped them throughout their life. Even during the times of drought, the agriculture lands were never utilized for any other purpose.

Converting the farm lands into organizations would make Mata Bhudevi to get angry with us, and she would curse us, since Mata Bhudevi is the goddess of the entire earth, and she is the real owner of all the lands contained in the earth.

Today lot of farmers are willing to give up their profession, since they are finding it very hard to earn money by cultivating the crops due to delay in rainfall and they are also not fetching proper price for their crops in the market. Lot of farmers are also committing suicides, since they are not getting proper revenue from the crops. Farmers are considered as the backbone of the Indian economy, and they are the sons of Mata Annapurneswari, since they are regularly providing food to us. Ignoring the farmers, would cause serious troubles in the near future, and the worst situation would end up with famine.

Hence let us support the farmers and help them by providing financial aid in the form of giving interest free loan to them, and let us make them to eat wholesome meals daily along with their family members peacefully throughout their life.


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