Ancient Warriors

Ancient warriors would fight bravely for the welfare of their own kingdom, and they would even willfully lose their lives for the sake of their kingdom. They used to serve honestly to their kings, and would act in an obedient manner.

During the times of war, they would not think about themselves and their family, but would only concentrate their attention to defeat the army of the enemies. It is also believed that those warriors, who attain heroic death in the battle field, would be blessed by the divine gods, and they would reach the abode of Lord Indra, the Indra Loka, and would live there happily for many years.

Even now, our Indian warriors are fighting bravely, and they are giving proud to our Indian nation. Similar to our warriors, Fire fighters are also considered as brave people, and they are the rescuers, and they are well trained in firefighting methods, and safeguard the lives of the people, property and also safeguards the animals and birds in case of dangers.They are getting the skills through proper training methods, and they are doing their work in a remarkable manner.

Various training institutes are available in India, and they teach the fire fighting safety measures during the times of emergencies. Firefighters also work with the police in case of emergencies. Firefighters also provide some first aid to the people who suffer from fire accidents, and try to bring them to a stable condition.

Similar to the police and army service, fire fighters are dedicating their life to the society. Some fire fighters would suffer from severe fire burns during their rescue operations, and due to that, they might lose their eyes and even their lives also.

Hence, fire fighters before starting their work, must pray to the great Lord Agni Dev, and ask him to protect them.


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