Baisakhi 2023 | Vaisakhi (April 14)

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Baisakhi or Vaisakhi or Vaishakha is an important harvest festival in Punjab, and some other North Indian regions. It is the biggest festival for Sikh community as it marks the beginning of Sikh New Year as per the Solar Nanakshahi calendar. In 2023, Baisakhi festival date is April 14.

It also marks the Hindu solar New Year in Bengal, Assam, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, and Nepal.

Mesha Sankranti marks the beginning of New Solar Year. Sun transits into Mesha rashi (Aries) from Meena rashi (Pisces) to mark the new solar cycle.

In Jwalamukhi Temple, Himachal Pradesh, thousands of devotees offer prayers to the Goddess on Baisakhi day. Ganga Punya snan (holy dip in Ganga River) is also performed on this day.

Generally, on the same day of Baisakhi festival, Kerala New Year (Vishu), Tamil New Year (Puthandu), Bengali New Year (Pohela Baisakh), and Assamese New Year (Rongali Bihu), and Vaishakha festival in Bihar are also celebrated.

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