Krishna, the Greatest Celebrity God

Lord Krishna deity in ISKCON temple

Lord Krishna deity in ISKCON temple

Lord Krishna is the greatest celebrity god in the Present day world. Due to the introduction of ISKCON Movement, which was founded by Srila Sri Prabhupada, the essence of Krishna Bhakti has reached at its peak, and several Krishna temples were founded in India as well in foreign countries.

Lord Krishna is believed to appear very handsome, though, no one knew about the original appearance of Lord Krishna. Based on the photos taken from the Holy texts of Hinduism like the Puranas and Ithihasas, we are able to justify the appearance of Lord Krishna. Those saints and sages who have seen him have expressed their opinion, and based on that, Pictures of Krishna were drawn by the ancient artists. Though god doesn’t have any shape, but for the benefit of the worshippers he appears in various divine forms.

We can enjoy the divine beauty of Lord Krishna, which were available in the form of pictures and sculptures in various temples of Lord Krishna. Since Lord Krishna frequently uses his flute, he is depicted in the pictures with a flute in his hand. Likewise, since Lord Rama was a great archer, he can be seen in the temples by holding a bow and arrow.

Ma Kali Devi destroyed various dreaded demons and brought peace in the universe. Since she fought with the demons with an angry face, she is depicted in the pictures with her tongue opened. Some people argue that god must be worshipped in a formless manner. It all depends on the interest and the habits of the devotees and no one can interfere in their life style. In the great epic Srimad Bhagavatham, Sage Vyasa had mentioned about the beautiful appearance of child Krishna, and based on that, artists had got some clue and also based on their own imagination, they have wonderfully drawn the pictures of Krishna. And those pictures are beautifully decorates in the homes of the Hindu devotees.

If we are good in drawing and painting of pictures, we can also draw beautiful pictures of the saints and deities, and we can gift it to others, to the temples, or to our friends and relatives. We can also gift the beautiful pictures of Lord Child Krishna while attending the wedding functions to the newly wedded couple, since the newly wedded bride might expect to give birth to a nice child, like the pretty Child Krishna, in the future.

Krishnaattam is a form of dance and drama which tells the wonderful story of Lord Krishna, and it is based on the divine text, Krishnagiti, which was written by King Samoodiri Manadeva who ruled the kingdom of Calicut during the 17th Century AD. This play is highly appreciated by the people of Kerala still today, since it features about the glory of Lord Krishna of Guruvayur.

Once Manadeva had the vision of Lord Krishna, and due to his sincere bhakti, Lord Krishna had left the king, a nice peacock feather, and with that divine feather, King Manadeva wrote the text Krishnaattam. This text is highly honoured by the people of Calicut and by the great Saint and Guruvayurappan devotee Sri Vilwamangalam Swamigal. This divine dance drama is still held at the Guruvayur Temple, as a sweet offering to the devotees of Lord Guruvayurappan.

Samoothiri Manadeva also wrote another classical poem, Poorvabharatha champu in Sanskrit, in the year 1643, and his statue is also found at Guruvayur. Krishnaattam is based on the great epic Srimad Bhagavatham, and it is purely based on the wonderful Leelas and miracles performed by Lord Krishna during his childhood. Watching the Krishnanattam dance directly or from the Videos, would bring positive results in our life, and by watching the following scenes of Krishnaattam, we would get the following merits in our lives:

1. By watching the birth scene of Lord Krishna, we would get a noble child similar to him.

2. By watching the Kaliya dance, the ill effects of the snake poison would be removed from our body.

3. By watching the Divine Leelas of Lord Krishna with the Gopikas, would help the unmarried girls to marry a pious person, and all the disputes between the married couples would be resolved.

4. By watching the scene of the killing of Kansa, all of our enemy related problems would be removed.

5. By watching the marriage scene of Lord Krishna and Ma Rukmani, we would lead a happy and a peaceful married life.

6. By watching the childhood plays of Lord Krishna, we would get permanent peace of mind, and we would be relieved from mental stress and strain.

7. By watching the wonderful talks of Lord Krishna with his friends, we would get good knowledge in all the subjects, and we would be enlightened in our lives.

The Krishnaattam artists themselves must have to arrange for their own costumes. Training would be given to the Krishnaattam Artists at their young age onwards. The dance drama would be performed in the Guruvayur temple, and this wonderful Krishnaattam is being performed even in some foreign countries. Those who wish to attend the marvellous Krishnaattam dance drama festival event can contact the GuruvayurDevaswom Board, for knowing about further details.

The Gita Govinda is a popular work which was composed by Jayadeva, who lived in Odisha during the 12th century AD. In this work, he mentions the relationship between Lord Krishna, Ma Radha and the gopikas (female cow herders) of Vrindavana.

The Gita Govinda mentions the significance of Lord Krishna and Radha, along with the Gopika devotees.

The work mentions the divine love of Lord Krishna and Ma Radha, the small clashes happened between them, and again uniting with each other, and it tells the true and wonderful love between them. The poem had been translated into most of the Indian regional languages and also in many other foreign languages.

Gita Govinda is an ancient text, written in praise of Lord Krishna in which Jayadeva mentions the grace showered by Lord Krishna towards his dear ones, through his divine touch. Ancient poets were praised about the beautiful work of Jayadeva, and they considered him as a messenger of Lord Krishna.

Some of the verses from the poem are as follows:

Oh Lord Krishna! You are the supreme master and your love and affection shown on Ma Radha Rani and the Gopikas, cannot be explained in words, and through your grace, they have attained the everlasting spiritual bliss.

Oh Lord Krishna! Through your wonderful Leelas you are making your devotees to get addicted on you, and through your lovely speech, they have become speechless.

Oh Lord Krishna! The love showered by you on your devotees is like that of the love showered by a mother on her child.

Oh Lord Krishna! Your presence is everywhere and anywhere, but only your true devotees can see your physical presence.

Oh Lord Krishna! By uttering the Krishna Mantra, “Jai Sri Krishna”, all of our worries had been removed from our lives, and we have become very cheerful and wonderful.

Oh Lord Krishna! Similar to the love showered on the Gopikas, please shower your love and affection on us, and please help us to reach your holy feet.

Oh Lord Krishna! Even the divine devas in the heaven cannot fully understand about your significance, since you are the chief among all other gods.


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