Lord Krishna, our Best Spiritual Guide

Krishna no-watermark

Krishna no-watermark

Lord Krishna is our best spiritual guide, and he is also our friend, philosopher and god. Through his Bhagavat Gita teachings, he acts as a good guide for us in order to willingly travel in the spiritual path. The great sage Narayana took the avatar as Lord Krishna along with the great sage Nara who took the avatar as Arjuna.

Both of them meditated deeply in the Naimisharanya forest for several thousands of years and then took the avatar as Lord Krishna and the Great Warrior Arjuna in the Dwapar Yuga. Lord Krishna even as a child has done many miracles and protected the Yadava community. His divine beauty cannot be described in full. The way he steals the butter and cheese from the Yadavas which was described in Srimad Bhagavatha was very much sensational and heart filling with full of joy.

Lord Krishna cannot be known fully. Only by reading his divine text Srimad Bhagavatham and by praying him continuously, we could know him to some extent. He is a slave to our Pure Bhakti. Only by keeping constant Bhakti on him, we can fulfil our needs and desires. We should totally surrender on to the LOTUS FEET of Lord Krishna.

Lord Krishna’s popular temples are situated at Dwaraka, Odisha, Guruvayur and in Udipi. Even in western countries also, Lord Krishna’s temples are there. He has given the way of leading a sin free life in BHAGAVAT GITA which is an important scripture for the Hindus. Even though he is a Bhagawan,he respected elders and sought their blessings also.

He has shown mercy even for the demons and after killing them, he granted SALVATION to them. He lived a complete life and ruled his kingdom very efficiently and effectively. He saved his cowherd friends from the clutches of Demons by killing them.

Usually he is surrounded by GOPIKAS, who were his true devotees and they would always see him in the form of a God. He acted as a guide to the Pandavas during the time of their distress and saved Ma Draupathi from Duryodhana and Dushyasana. Though he was a relative and a friend of Pandavas, yet, he didn’t change their fate, since they are subjected to suffer for their own sins,but he gave his full support to them and finally helped them towards conquering their kingdom.

Whoever calls the name KRISHNA, KRISHNA and ask for his help, he would immediately present there and readily help them. The only thing he expects from us is the pure bhakti on him. He respected his childhood friend Sudhama and removed his poverty. He was a humble and noble to everyone. He respected all the people and shown his kindness to everyone.

Lot of songs are there for Lord Krishna, and songs in all languages are available. Bhagavatham and Bhagavat Gita are the two main Hindu epics. Sree Krishna Jayanthi is celebrated widely all over India and also in Western countries by the Indians. Devotees would prepare various food items like Seedai, Murukku and Thattai, and it would be prepared using pure cow’s butter and would be presented in front of Lord Krishna’s Idol. Small children would be decorated as Krishna and would be participating in their school function.

Generally, if a child looks beautiful, we would say them,‘You are looking like beautiful ‘Bala Krishna’. Similar to Rama Mantra, chanting Lord Krishna’s Mantra repeatedly for several lakhs of times would make us to enter into the HEAVEN.


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