Sri Krishna Rukmini Kalyanam

Krishna no-watermark

Krishna no-watermark

Sri Krishna Rukmini Thiru Kalyanam would be held in the temples of Lord Krishna and Vishnu, and during that occasion, the utsava idols of Lord Krishna and Ma Rukmini would be decorated with flower garlands, costly garments and ornaments, and the temple priests would tie the sacred knot to the idol of Ma Rukmini on behalf of Lord Krishna. This marriage event would be mostly held during the Tamil Margazhi month, and those who witness the marriage ceremony in the temples, would get the blessings from the divine couple, Lord Krishna and Ma Rukmini.

Sri Krishna Rukmini Thiru kalyanam was also witnessed by the sages, saints, kings and the divine deities. Lord Krishna invited all the guests with a pleasing smile to his palace, treated honourably and provided rich food to them, and those guests blessed him and his consort Ma Rukmini whole heartedly and after staying in his palace for a few days, they left Dwaraka, and went to their homeland.

Rukmini is considered as the incarnation of Ma Lakshmi, and she was described as very beautiful and knowledgeable. When her brother Rukmi arranged marriage for her to Shishupala, she sought the help of Lord Krishna in order to marry her, and as per her wishes, Krishna took her to his kingdom,married her, and apart from Pradyumna, they had nine more children.

Rukmini is worshipped in many states of Maharashtra and in Pandharpur Temple, Rukmini is worshipped as Rakhumai, and Krishna is worshipped as Vithoba. The details about the marriage ceremony of Krishna and Rukmini, was beautifully described in the Holy Bhagavata Purana.

Though Krishna had many wives, but Ma Rukmini is considered to be his chief consort of Dwarka. Rukmini also treated the other wives of Krishna like her own sisters.After the completion of Krishna avatar in this earth, Ma Rukmini entered into the holy fire, and attained salvation.

Lord Krishna though he is an avatar of Lord Vishnu, but lived like a normal householder, and discharged his duties in a proper manner. He also looked after the Dwaraka people like their own father, and gave a GOLDEN rule.


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