Kanya Lagna 2017-2018 Predictions | Virgo Ascendant

Kanya Lagna (Virgo Ascendant) is the sixth among 12 Lagnas (Ascendants) in Hindu Astrology. Here are the predictions for Kanya Lagna in 2017-2018 year…

Please note that these predictions are based on your Lagna (Ascendant), not on your Moon sign (Chandra Rashi) or Sun sign (Surya Rashi). The predictions given here are generalised ones not personalised predictions, before arriving to any conclusion, please make sure to consider your personal horoscope.

And also note that negative results or positive results, at least predictions, depend on your present period (Dasha) and present sub period (antardasha) of planets.

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Ashtama Shani Predictions for Kanya Rashi / Kanya Lagna

Planetary Positions 2017-18

  • Guru / Brihaspati (Jupiter) – Guru will be in 1st house until September 2017. Later moves into 2nd house.
  • Shani (Saturn) – Shani will be in 3rd house till it moves into 4th house on 26 January 2017.
  • Rahu – Rahu will be in 12th house till mid 2017 and then moves into 11th house.
  • Ketu – Ketu will be in 6th house till he moves into 5th house in the mid of 2017.
  • Shukra (Venus), Mangal (Mars) and Ketu will be in conjunction in the beginning of 2017 in 6th house
  • Ravi (Sun) and Budha (Mercury) will be in 4th house at the beginning of the year.


Hard work is the key for this year. To achieve success you need to do hard work like anything. Failures may turn up on the way, but don’t dishearten and give up. More and more practice and efforts are needed for the desired results. First half of 2017 is with possibilities of obstacles in education.

Last part of the year will be good for education. You may get good success. Patience makes you perfect student and your perseverance keeps you on strong hold. Be in your confined boundary while talking to anyone. Practice Yoga and meditation for calmness, composure and better concentration.

Career | Business | Finance

The year 2017-18 will be a successful year for Kanya Lagna natives in aspects of business. The problems that you will face till July month will be disappeared slowly. You will work on new projects which will fetch you success. Strong possibilities of promotion are on cards. The planetary position also indicates relocation. The relocation will do good for you.

Business in Partnership will make lot of difference for good. Despite heavy expenditure in the beginning of the year, your income flow will remain throughout the year. Controlling the over expenditure takes you to some other level. Unexpected and unnecessary journeys cost you more in terms of money and time. So, plan any travel after thinking twice and thrice.

The later half of 2017-18 will be best time for Virgo Ascendant natives. Abundant money and extensive foresight will help you plan the future in better ways. You will get rid of all debts. As a whole, this year is very accelerative for Virgo natives.


Since there is no major concern about health, its a good year for natives of Virgo Ascendant. But there is one condition – Control your food habits otherwise you will be obese. Do not eat outside as much as possible. If you are outside-foody then slowly avoid eating outside and get into eating home made food.

Those who have Diabetes need to be very cautious. Proper exercise and regular food habits will save you. If you are already suffering from any ailment it will slowly disappear or it will be controlled.

Positive thinking towards right direction, mentally and physically fit body and balanced & excited mind will boost your attitude this year.

Marriage | Family Life

Till September 2017, it is very favourable for marriage for natives of Virgo Ascendant. Planetary positions are very much in positive mode and will favor your marriage.

In terms of love and relationships, this year is not that good. Tensions, small quarrels, verbal spats will keep the relationships on rope.


  • Perform Ganapati Puja. Visit Ganesha Temples and offer Archana.
  • Support poor students. Donate some books or other educational material to them.
  • If necessary, perform Ketu Japam.

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