Kanakabhishekam | Abhishekam with Gold



‘Kanakabhishekam’ is a type of Hindu festival which would be celebrated by the great grant sons to their great grandfathers.

‘Kanakabhishekam’ also would be done to Hindu deities by the devotees in order to bring prosperity in their lives. The ancient Andhra Kings used to do ‘Kanakabhishekam’ to Lord Venkateswara in Tirumala Temple during important festivals like ‘Vaikunta Ekadasi’, Saturdays, Sri Krishna Jayanti and Rama Navami. It means showering of gold coins on the Urchava deities of the temples during auspicious days.

Apart from big temples, Kanakabhishekham would be done to the small temples also. In most of the Raghavendra Mutts, Kanakabhishekham would be done by the devotees to the idol of Bhakta Prahlada, during their birth days, marriage days and on important festival days. I have also done Kanakabhishekham before few years, to the Urchava idol of Bhakta Prahalada, in Triplicane and Ayanavaram Raghavendra Mutts.

‘Kanakabhishekham’ is mainly done to the deities by the devotees in order to show their bhakti on the almighty. Similar to dressing our child with new clothes and making them to wear golden ornaments, we are also considering the deities as our children, and showering them with gold coins.

Whenever if we want to receive any favours from our friends or relatives, we would normally tell, “Please do the needful for me, then I would do even Kanakabhishekham for you”. Kanakabhishekham contains great spiritual significance, since we are showing our great respects to the god.

Doing Kanakabhishekham to Ma Lakshmi and Lord Kubera is very good, since both of them are the deities for wealth, and by doing this good activity, we would be blessed by them, and we would be having enough wealth in our life.

Most of the devotees would be having the feeling in their mind, that, “I have done lot of sevas to the god, like Kanakabhishekham, and I have provided free food to lot of poor people, but even then, my sufferings and sorrows are not reduced. Still I am suffering from various health issues and I am also not having sufficient wealth”.

But we are not aware of the sins committed by us in the past. God is having correct calculations of our good karma as well as bad karma. Based on that only, our life is decided by him. If we do sevas and other good activities, some portion of our bad karma would be reduced, and in course of time, our entire sufferings would come to an end, by the grace of the almighty. But till such time, we have to patiently wait, and must beg to the god to show mercy on us.

Let us worship Lord Balaji and be blessed.


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