Kambu Swayambhuva | Rishi & King of Cambodia

Kambu Swayambhuva was the king of Aryadesa, and he belonged to the Kambuja tribe. He is mentioned in Rig Veda, and was praised as a GEM among the rishis.

Kambu Swayambhuva ruled his kingdom for several years, and at his old age, he crowned his son and made him as the king of Aryadesa, and left his kingdom, and went to the forest, and performed severe penance on Lord Shiva, and became a great rishi. He lived in an ashram in the present day Cambodia.

He had large number of disciples, and taught the spiritual subjects to them. He used to feed animals and birds, and even the wild animals would eat fruits and vegetables given by him, due to his lovable nature on them. He treated everyone as alike, and considered all the people as the incarnations of the creator god Brahma.


1. Learn to love others, and shower your affection on them.

2. Educate yourself by constantly reading the Holy Scriptures.

3. Don’t think that you are the only sufferer in this earth everybody is suffering from some kind of problems.

4. Give respect to your spiritual guru, and serve him obediently.

5. Consider your parents as the divine god and goddess, and take care of them properly.

6. Worldly pleasures will not last for a long time. Concentrate your attention on the great god Shiva, and chant his mantras.

7. Daily thank to the god, for giving a good life, through his grace.

8. Feed the starved people, and also the animals and birds.

9. Only by constant prayers and meditation, you would be able to attain SALVATION after your death.

Let us worship the great rishi and be blessed.

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