Kalyana Sundari | Aspect of Maa Shakti Devi



Ma Shakti Devi is also known as “KALYANA SUNDARI”, since she fulfils the wishes of her unmarried devotees, and helps them to find a suitable bride/groom and she is the one who shows great concern on us than that of anyone in the world. Ma Shakti Devi during the time of her wedding with Lord Shiva is called as “KALYANA SUNDARI”, and Lord Shiva is called as “KALYANA SUNDARAR”.


Being a universal holy mother, she also thinks about our wellness, and tries to sort out our problems. Ma Shakti Devi is also called as “SIMHA VAHINI”, having a beautiful lion as her vehicle, “BAYANGARI”, appears in a terrific form to the demons, “BHAVANI”, the holy worshipful mother, “CHANDI”, Ma Shakti Devi in the form of Devi Durga, “DEVAMATA”, the mother of the celestial Devas, and she is also known by various other names.

Once while Ma Shakti Devi was sitting in a joyful mood in the holy Kailasha, along with her consort Lord Shiva, she was able to hear the cries of the humans from the earth. Hence she felt pity on those humans, and asked her consort Lord Shiva to find out the reason for their sufferings.

Ma Shakti Devi conversed with Lord Shiva like this, “Hey Mahadeva, I could hear the cries of the humans, and also I found that they suffers a lot in their life. I want to find out the main reason for their sufferings, in order to sort out their problems. If you show great love and affection on me, please give me a solution, to remove their troubles and turmoil”.

After hearing it from the mouth of Ma Shakti Devi, Lord Shiva smiled himself for some time, and then he quoted twelve main reasons for the sufferings of the humans, and they are as follows:-

1. Lust

2. Greedy

3. Anger

4. Laziness

5. Selfishness

6. Stinginess

7. False promises

8. Unclean

9. Stealing others property

10. Consumption of too much of food

11. Gambling

12. Dishonesty

Lord Shiva further tells to his consort Ma Shakti Devi, “Hey my lovely consort, though I have given enough knowledge, wisdom and willpower to the humans, yet, they are not utilising it properly, and they are very much interested to develop more and more bad habits in their life. Most of the people want to live a highly sophisticated life without doing any hard work. People are very much interested to do unwanted things in their life, for the purpose of gaining money. During the end of this Kaliyuga, some people would even sell their wives and children to others for the purpose of gaining wealth. Young people would not give proper respect to the elders, and they would also tease them with bad words.

People would not listen to the advices of the wise ones, and they would keep doing bad acts again and again in their lives. Idol worship would be done only by a few noble people, and most of them would try to worship only the open air, by considering it as the supreme god. Even the main Person, who governs the country, would not give a proper administration, and he used to grab money even from the poor people. Those who contains strength and money power, would be given respect, and they would be highly praised by others. “DHARMA” would not prevail in the world, and lot of thefts and other crime incidents would frequently happen in this world, but still I am having the hope, that I would be able to protect the good people from the clutches of the bad ones, and also would shower my grace to those noble ones”.

After hearing it, Ma Shakti Devi shed tears, and worried about the sinful life of the people in the Kaliyuga, and she also sent some of her aspects, such as Ma Kannagi, Ma Draupati and Ma Vasuki to the earth, and asked them to dwell permanently in the earth, in order to take care of her devotees.


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