Kalidasa’s Golden Quotes

Kalidasa (4th Century AD) was a famous poet of India. Kalidasa was believed to have lived near the Himalayas.

According to ancient epics, he got great knowledge from goddess kali at Kali Temple, when he was insulted by a princess, who was searching for a knowledgeable man to marry her. After becoming a great scholar, he got married to that princess. From ancient texts, it was known, that during his visit to Sri Lanka, he was murdered due to some misconception.

Kalidasa was well known for his poems and his devotion to “MAA KALI DEVI”. Through her grace, he got the knowledge. He has got great knowledge in Hindu scriptures, Puranas, Upanishads and Vedas. He was given the title as “MAHAKAVI KALIDAS” as an honour to him. He was also a kind hearted and a noble man, who frequently conducted kali puja, and worshipped her in a grand manner.


1. Worship Ma Kali in order to get rid from the clutches of the evil demon Kali purusha.

2. Chant the wonderful names of Ma Kali, dance with joy, sing her glorious songs, and forget all of your worries.

3. By offering sincere prayers to Ma Kali, even a layman would become a wise scholar, and I act as a best example for that.

4. Get rid of your fear by praying sincerely on Ma Kali, and surrender all of your problems at her holy feet.

5. By keep chanting the names of Ma Kali, you would get good courage, wisdom, will power, bravery, and you would have the capability to lift even the big mountains with your bare hands.

6. Even if you lost your parents at your young age, don’t worry, consider, Ma Kali as your own father and mother, and share both your happiness and sorrows to her.

7. Similar to Ma Kali, who killed the fierce demon Raktabija, she would also kill your difficulties, and would give you great spiritual pleasure.

8. Always feel the presence of the divine mother, Ma Kali within you.

9. Ma Kali is the divine mother who protects the entire universe very easily.

10. Don’t find fault with Ma Kali, since she is the one, who must always be worshipped and must be praised by us.

11. Ma Kali would cleanse our sins and would purify our mind.

12. Ma Kali is praised by various names, like Amba, Jaganmatha, Parvati, Durga and Shakti Devi.

13. Have staunch bhakti and utmost faith on Ma Kali, since she is the one, who properly takes care of you, right from your birth till your death.

14. By sanctifying Ma Kali through the divine mantras, we would never get afraid of the death god Yama, during our death time.


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