Mahakavi Kalidas Din 2023 | Kalidas Divas

Mahakavi Kalidas Din (Kalidas Divas) is observed in Ashadh Month. In 2023, Kalidas Din date is June 19. It falls on Shukla Paksha Pratipada of Ashada Month as per Hindu calendar. As per Tamil calendar, it falls in Aani Masam, Midhunam Month of Malayalam calendar and Aashar Month in Bengali Panjika. Mahakavi Kalidas was a […]

Kalidasa’s Golden Quotes

Kalidasa (4th Century AD) was a famous poet of India. Kalidasa was believed to have lived near the Himalayas. According to ancient epics, he got great knowledge from goddess kali at Kali Temple, when he was insulted by a princess, who was searching for a knowledgeable man to marry her. After becoming a great scholar, […]

Tilak procession of Laat Bhairo in Varanasi

Laat Bhairon Temple in Varanasi

Tilak procession of Laat Bhairo is an auspicious Yatra in Varanasi. In 2013, Laat Bhairo Tilak Barat date is September 19. The Tilak procession of Laat Bhairo will begin from the Laat Bhairo temple in the night of September 19 and culminate at Sheetla Temple, Visheshwargang on September 20th morning after passing through Ram Janaki […]