Kalicharan Brahma | Social and Religious Reformer of Bodo Society

Kalicharan Brahma (1860–1938), was a social enthusiast and a spiritual person, and he uplifted the Bodo society people, who were denied of their basic privileges during his period.His religion is called as Brahmo Dharma, and he was fondly called as Gurudev by the Bodo sect people, who are living in Assam.

Similar to him, Gunabhiram Barua and Swarnalata Devi, also belonged to Brahmo Dharma religion, and they also fought for the welfare of the bodo people, and they are respectfully called as Brahmas.

Kalicharan was born in the year 1860, at a village in Assam, and his father was a rich businessman, and with the blessings of the almighty,he became a famous religious preacher and helped the Bodo society people, to get their own rights, by struggling hard for their welfare.

The Bodos were the original sons of the Brahmaputra and they are also considered to be one of the best among the Assamese communities. Kalicharan explained about the importance of Brahmo religion, and stopped the Bodo sect of people towards converting themselves to other religions.

Kalicharan asked the Bodo sect people to adopt the Brahmo religion in order to make them to fully understand about the essentials of devotion.According to Brahmo religion, there is only one God, and the god is worshipped in the form of “DIVINE LIGHT”.

After sincerely rendering his valuable service to the society, Kalicharan Brahma had died in his village at the age of 78.


1. Have faith in god, and worship him as formless.

2. Follow the path of Dharma in order to get enlightenment.

3. God cannot be seen easily. He can be seen in the form of divine light, after developing sincere bhakti on him.

4. Bury your worries, and always be happy in your life.

5. Do lot of social service activities in order to lead a blessed life.

6. Show your sincere love on the almighty.

7. Purify your mind through divinity.

8. Forget about your past life, and think about your present and future life.

9. Respect everyone, and don’t insult others.


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