Rupnath Brahma

Rupnath Brahma (1860-1938), was born in Assam and he is a religious reformer of Bodo society. He was the main disciple of Kalicharan Brahma, and he also joined in a new religion called Brahma Dharma established by his Guru in Kolkata,and he sincerely served his Guru Kalicharan Brahma. He also spread the significance of the […]

Kalicharan Brahma | Social and Religious Reformer of Bodo Society

Kalicharan Brahma (1860–1938), was a social enthusiast and a spiritual person, and he uplifted the Bodo society people, who were denied of their basic privileges during his period.His religion is called as Brahmo Dharma, and he was fondly called as Gurudev by the Bodo sect people, who are living in Assam. Similar to him, Gunabhiram […]