Kaala Devi Temple, Madurai


There is a wonderful temple dedicated for Ma Kaala Devi, and it is situated in the Temple City Madurai. For reaching this excellent temple of our Divine Mother, Kaalakya, we have to Board a bus from Madurai to Rajapalayam, and we have to get down at M.Subpalapuram bus stop, and from there we can pick up an auto to landing to this temple. Going to this temple especially on full moon and new moon days is very special than that of going on normal days.

Telephone : 9442173049
Email : info@srikaaladevi.org
Address : Sri KaalaDevi Nerakovil
Peraiyur TK
Madurai DT
Rajapalayam Road, Gopalapuram, Tamil Nadu 625702
Madurai, India

Darshan Timings: On all days 6pm till 12 am, On Amavasai & Pournami 6pm till 5 a.m.
Sri Kaala Devi also called as Sri Kaala Chakra Devi, must be worshiped only after sunset and before sunrise, since the holy mother protects us during night times, since problems from evil spirits and black magic would be very severe during night times. Those who worship Ma Kaalai, would receive peace and eternal bliss.

Ma Kaala Devi looks very beautiful and she keeps on moving very fast similar to Lord Vishnu’s Sudarsana Chakra, in order to shower her immediate grace on to her devotees.
In order to have a peaceful darshan of Sri Kaaladevi, we have to maintain patience, and must keep praying Kaaladevi. When our turn comes to have the wonderful darshan of Devi, we have to keep concentrating our attention only on her, and by doing that, we could expect good changes in our life. If we visit the temple continuously for 3 New Moon days and 3 Full Moon days, and lit ghee lamps in the temple premises, all of our reasonable wishes would be fulfilled. Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, Tuesdays, Full and New Moon days are auspicious for worshipping Ma Kala Devi.


Some of the powerful contents present in the Holy Kaala Devi Suktam are as follows:-

Oh our beloved Ma Kaala Devi, You contains sparkling eyes, your body parts look like powerful weapons, the Chakra,
You contains the powers of Ma Kali and Durga. You seems to be very curious in relieving the problems of your devotees, and your body glitters like the gold.

Oh our beloved Ma Kaala Devi, your body appears like the Holy Himalayas,
and your ornaments contains the brightness equivalent to millions and millions of suns.

Oh our beloved Ma Kaala Devi, you are the powerful goddess, your abundant powers are spread throughout the universe, and you are the very powerful avatar of Ma Shakti Devi.

Oh our beloved Ma Kaala Devi, you wears the crescent moon on your head, you are the controller of the entire universe, and you are the one, who has controlled our senses.

Oh our beloved Ma Kaala Devi, you are the one who takes care of everything present in the universe, right from a small ant to a big elephant. You are the righteous queen for the entire universe. You are the remover of sins and diseases of your devotees, and those who chant your Mantra, “OM MA KAALAKYA DEVI NAMAHA”, would be considered as your true devotees, and for them your protection would always be there.

Oh our beloved Ma Kaala Devi, you look like the burning fire for your enemies and you look like the beautiful lotus flower for your devotees.

Oh our beloved Ma Kaala Devi, you are an expert in doing rigorous penance, you are the destroyer of Kama and Yama, and you are the perfect partner of Lord Shiva.

Oh our beloved Ma Kaala Devi, you appears in most powerful form, you are greater than all other deities, and your wonderful qualities cannot be fully described even by your consort Lord Shiva.

Oh our beloved Ma Kaala Devi, you have removed the negativity of your devotees, and you contain sufficient powers to destroy the entire universe into ashes within a fraction of second.

Oh our beloved Ma Kaala Devi, you can be described as a pure and pious goddess, and you contain enormous powers enough to transform a small ant into an elephant.

Oh our beloved Ma Kaala Devi, with your peculiar appearance, you gives great spiritual enlightenment to the entire universe.

Oh our beloved Ma Kaala Devi, you contain a gigantic body, but your Bhagavathas like Markandeya and Nandikeswara didn’t get afraid on seeing your big shape.

Oh our beloved Ma Kaala Devi, you have been always worshipped by your devotees like Lord Indra, Vishnu, Brahma, and even by your consort Lord Shiva, sages, celestials and humans, those who worships you sincerely, need not worry about their enemies, and in fact, even their enemies would turn into their best friends.


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