Jupiter in 9th House (Brihaspati in Bhagya Sthana, Adrushta Sthana)

Jupiter in 9th House, Brihaspati in Bhagya Sthana, Jupiter in 9th House of Horoscope – what it indicates?

When Jupiter is in House No. 9 he has the ability to become a Yogi. His religious nature, conduct and elderlyness will be helpful to people around him. But violation of religion will destroy everything. He will have no love for wealth. When Mercury is in House No. 4 or 5 it can make him a king or a Yogi.

If House No. 3 and 5 blank he will become very rich. If Sun is benefic there will be no shortage of wealth. If House No. 1 is blank he will suffer from poor health and heart disease.

Ninth House in Horoscope

This is the house of dharma and good actions, wisdom, religion and spirituality. It is also known as the house of good luck.

The hips, thighs are indicated by this house. Read more about the Ninth House.

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