Jaimini | Rishi Jaimini | Founder of Mimamsa Philosophy

Jaimini was an ancient rishi and a philosopher. He was a disciple of sage Veda Vyasa, the son of Parashara. He was taught Samaveda by his guru Veda Vyasa, along with other spiritual education. He is the author of the Mimamsa Sutras  and Jaimini Sutras.  He is believed to have been lived during the 4th century BC. He was a great scholar in vedas, shastras, devotional texts and a master in all kinds of arts.

Jaimini was also the disciple of Badarayana, a great sage and a Hindu philosopher, and the author of Brahma Sutras. Both of them were involved in deep spirituality, yet they differ in certain aspects like, while Badarayana emphasizes on knowledge, Jaimini emphasizes on rituals. He was also a friend of Sage Markandeya and frequently used to interact with him about devotional matters.


He is an ancient sage, who was involved in deep meditation, and got great spiritual powers. He used his powers to protect the mankind from diseases and prevents them from problems in their life. He also taught yoga and meditation and shared his spiritual knowledge with his disciples. Being the disciple of the great veda vyasa, he was considered as an efficient and talented person, who lived a pious and a noble life throughout in his life. He was also a devotee of Lord Krishna and got his blessings as well as his Guru Veda Vyasa’s blessings.

Let us worship the great rishi and be blessed.


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