Indian Army Soldiers

Indian army soldiers are considered as the most important people, since they are protecting our country from enemy invasion, from terrorist’s movements and from illegal migrants. They are acting as the backbone of India, and bringing pride for our country. Most of the teenagers in India are interested to join in our Indian army, and even they are ready to lose their lives also, while fighting with the enemy country soldiers.

Our government is also providing reasonable remuneration to the army staffs, and giving pension also after their retirement. Ex-army staffs also get suitable jobs in security agencies and work as security officers in big establishments. We have to appreciate the sincere efforts of the army people, and we have to contribute generously to the army welfare fund. Lot of army soldiers and army officials have lost their lives in the battle field, and they are still being remembered by the people of India, for their remarkable service to the society.

Now at the present situation, lot of army soldiers are guarding in our Kashmir borders and protecting our country from the terror attacks of Pakistan. Similar to that army soldiers are patrolling in Arunachal Pradesh borders, and protecting our country from Chinese invasion. Similar to police, army soldiers are also serving for the welfare of India, and giving their best to maintain peace and prosperity in our country.

In ancient times, the king’s army soldiers would fight well for their region, and considered their king as equivalent to god. They considered that attaining heroic death during the times of wars would make them to attain SALVATION.Similar to men, women warriors also served their level best for getting freedom for our country. Great queens like Jhansi Rani and Velu Nachiyar had participated in several wars and bravely fought with the British army. They have considered our country India as their own mother, and gave much respect to Bharat Mata.

Let us greatly respect the Indian freedom fighters, women warriors and our present day Indian army soldiers, and salute them for their bravery.


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