Importance of Banalinga



What is the importance of Banalinga? Significance of Banalinga as per Hindu Scriptures? Is Banalinga known as Lord Shiva?

Banalinga is the popular sacred stone that is famous as an iconic symbol. It is largely  found in the River Narmada that flows across the state of Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and Gujarat and forms its delta in the Arabian sea. This particular river has religious significance because of the availability of this type of particular stone which is considered very holy and sacred.

Among Hindus, this stone is very famous and sought after especially among Brahmin community of Hinduism because this particular stone is considered as the iconic symbol usually based on cultural and tradition. The shape of the stone is ellipsoid that is also a smooth material. As it is a natural stone, Devotees and pilgrims strongly believe that this particular stone as a existence evidence of God .

This Banalinga stone is known as the deity of god Shiva. In Hindu scripture, this particular stone is among the rarest stone and among the three stones cited in the holy text. Another name of this stone is Avyakta that means happiness, so Hindus strongly believe that if they have this stone at their prayer room or place of worship then they will have great happiness in their personal and professional life.

Hindus from several sects and community, all these people use to have lingas at their worship place as they all are the followers of lord Shiva.  They perform pujas and rituals to this particular Linga in order to attain happiness in life to a great extent with great devotion and dedication.

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