Human Life must be Meaningful

Man is born with Divine qualities. Just as a sapling grows out of a seed, a flower from the sapling and a fruit from the flower. God is the seed of the entire cosmos. Like the oil that exists in a seed, like the presence of ghee in milk, fragrance in a flower, juice in fruit and fire in a piece of wood, so does the Divine permeates the universe. Man is intrinsically a combination of morality, righteousness and spirituality. Unfortunately, he has forgotten these basic qualities. When the sacredness of human birth is considered, it is a pity that man has descended to a low level.

In this land where virtues like truth, righteousness, forbearance and compassion are held in high esteem, today, cruelty, selfishness, intolerance and ill-felling are rampant, Love is hardly present anywhere. For all the troubles and difficulties, conduct alone is responsible. Bad actions will lead to disastrous consequences. Hence people should develop noble thoughts and associate themselves with pious souls.

Indian culture is based on the two fundamental principles, “Speak the truth, uphold righteousness.” Under the influence of the Kali, two diseases have grown insatiable thirst for Wealth and craze to wield power and position. Desire for the same is not wrong as such. But both wealth and power should be used for right causes. The occupation of a cobbler is as worthy as a top executive’s.

In a lecture Sri Sathya Sai Baba stressed the need to engage oneself in good deeds and lead a meaningful life. God alone is man’s unfailing kinsman throughout life and even beyond it. He is the only constant companion. One of the methods to cultivate humility is not only to bow before God but also prostrate before holy saints and obtain their blessings.

Once Emperor Asoka was going round his capital accompanied by his minister. When he saw a Buddhist monk, he placed his head at the latter’s feet and bowed, an act which was not liked by his minister. Sensing this, the ruler asked him to fetch the heads of a goat, a tiger and man’s.

When they were brought he asked the counsel to sell them in a market. While the heads of the animals had buyers, no one came to purchase that of the human being. There was none even to take it free. The king then said, “This head has value only when there is life in the body. Hence when there is an opportunity, place your head at the feet of noble men and secure their good wishes.” Men shoul look at the world with the vision of peace, love and compassion. When their hearts are filled with such genuine love, they will experience the Divine everywhere.

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