How Bail Pola is celebratred – Rituals & Customs of Bail Pola

Bail Pola is celebrated in a pleasant atmosphere in villages. Farmers worship bullocks on Bail Pola. Vesana (rope) from the nostrils of Bullock is removed on the day before Pola festival.

Haldi (Turmeric paste) with ground nut oil is applied on bullocks body. Water bath is given to bullocks after applying haldi paste.

After the bath, bulls are offered Khichadia or Bajaria to eat. On Bail Pola day, bullocks are painted and decorated. Bulls horns are painted with dark colours. Bulloks are covered with colourful and attractive shawls and towels and put various ornaments on them. After adorning the bulls with flower garlands, the bullas are worshipped.

Farmers prapare a special sweet recipe called Puran Polia on Bail Pola festival. After the Bail Pola day, farmers begin the farming activities such as ploughing and sowing.

In 2019, Bail Pola date is August 30.

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