Bail Pola 2022 | The Festival of Cattle

Bail Pola

Bail Pola or Pola, is a cattle festival celebrated in Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar & some other regions in North India. In 2022, Bail Pola date is August 26. Bail Pola is celebrated on Pithori Amavasya or Amavasya in Shravan month (August – September). Vrushabha Puja or bullock worship is the main ritual […]

Pithori Amavasya 2022 | Pitori Amavas

Pithori Amavasya or Pitori Amavas is the festival observed on the Amavasya (No Moon day) during Bhadrapad month or Bhadra month. In 2022, Pithori Amavasya date is August 26.  As per Marati Calendar, Pithori Amavasya, also celebrated as Pola, falls on Amavasya in the Sravan month. Pithori Amavasya is an observance performed by married woman […]

How Bail Pola is celebratred – Rituals & Customs of Bail Pola

Bail Pola is celebrated in a pleasant atmosphere in villages. Farmers worship bullocks on Bail Pola. Vesana (rope) from the nostrils of Bullock is removed on the day before Pola festival. Haldi (Turmeric paste) with ground nut oil is applied on bullocks body. Water bath is given to bullocks after applying haldi paste. After the bath, bulls […]

Pola or Bail Pola Festival – North Indian Festival of Bullocks

Pola or Bial Pola is one of the widely celebrated festivals dedicated to cattle in Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and some parts of other North Indian states. Pola is celebrated on Pithroti Amavasya, the new moon day in Shravan month (August – September). In 2014, Pola or Bail Pola date is August 25. […]